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RSN Scam News: 74 Scammers Arrested

RSN Scam News: 74 Scammers Arrested 74 Arrested In Coordinated International Enforcement Operation Targeting Hundreds Of Individuals In Business Email Compromise Schemes 42 Alleged Fraudsters Arrested in the United States Federal authorities announced that in June a significant coordinated effort was executed to disrupt Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes that are designed to intercept and hijack wire transfers from businesses and individuals, including many senior citizens. Operation Wire Wire, a coordinated law enforcement effort by [...]

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Elder Justice Initiative

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Elder Justice Initiative The Elder Justice Initiative On February 22, 2018, in response to a coordinated sweep of elder fraud cases, President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated: “The Justice Department and its partners are taking unprecedented, coordinated action to protect elderly Americans from financial threats, both foreign and domestic …” He went on to state: “When criminals steal the hard-earned life savings of older Americans, we will respond with all [...]

RSN™ Guide: Why Reporting Matters?

RSN™ Guide: Why Reporting Matters? Most People Do Not Report Scammers We know that 95% of you who will read this will not report your scammer to law enforcement or any credible entity That is truly sad! As citizens, each of us have a duty to report crimes. Yet when it comes to scammers most victims remain silent. There are so many excuses: The police are mean The police do nothing about it anyway I [...]

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