For Family & Friends – Article Catalog

For Family & Friends - Article Catalog Helping Family & Friends of Scam Victims The basics of relationship scams, what to look for, and how to help! A SCARS Topic Collection Information For The Friends & Family Of New Scam Victims Before and after the scam, the victim is going to be under strong manipulation and going to be confused, in denial, maybe angry, certainly traumatized, and you need [...]

Recovery from Scams – Article Catalog

Recovery from Scams - Article Catalog The Pathway for Recovering Scam Victims From the basics to self-help to moderated professional recovery! Learn what recovering from a relationship scam is all about! A SCARS Topic Collection After The Scam, Your Life Is In Chaos! Impulses Are Driving You In All Directions But There Is A Right Path For Scam Victims! After your scam, you have to gain enough control [...]

Psychology of Scams – Article Catalog

Psychology of Scams The How & Why of Scam Psychology From Approach & Selection to Capture & Grooming, to Manipulation & Containment! Learn the answers to why this happened to someone like You! A SCARS Topic Collection Our Human Psychology Enables Us To Be Scammed! We Are Built To Be Manipulated And Scammers Know How To Do This! However, the more you know about these psychological processes, the [...]

Thoughts from the War on Scams … Things Have to Change

Thoughts from the War on Scams ... July 17, 2021 Things Have to Change! A SCARS Commentary on Privacy A Commentary on The State of Scams & Privacy By Dr. Tim McGuinness, Member of the Board of Directors, Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. I recently heard from a friend who was applying for a new position and was declined