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Welcome To The World Of Romance Scams!

Actually, they are not about Romance, they are Socially Engineered Scams!

Romance Scams and Socially Engineered Scams Are Corrupting Almost All Social Media Platforms and Dating Websites Today. In Fact, On Some Social Media and Dating & Romance Websites Almost 90% Of All Profiles Are Now Scammers From African Or From Behind The Former Iron Curtain. Scammers Are Usually Easy To Spot, But Some Are Adapting, So Always Watch For The Tell-Tale Clues, And When In Doubt Don’t Respond – If She Or He Looks Too Good To Be True, They Probably Are!

Always Assume A Stranger Is A Scammer Until You Know For Sure!

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28 Year History of Romance Scams Now created by Dr. Tim McGuinness


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  • Phone: NOT DISPLAYED – However, if you are in crisis? Do you need to talk to someone now? Call 1-800-273-8255

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