Why Should You Help Support Scam Victims By Donating To SCARS

Please Let Us Explain!

You Can Help Support Scam Victims
And Others Avoid Scams!

You Can Help Scam Victims by Making a Small Donation to SCARS
After all, the next victim might just be someone you know!

We are SCARS the world’s leading Nonprofit Online Crime Victims’ Assistance Organization

Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

A nonprofit corporation based in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. established in 2015 to be a crime victims assistance & crime prevention organization.

Why Was SCARS Created?

Scam victims are not getting the message in time to avoid scams, and they are listening to the wrong voices to be able to successfully recover from the trauma of their scams. We needed a new professional approach based upon methods that have been proven over and over in other areas.

We needed professionalization, organization, occupational standards, a deep understanding of the experience of relationship scams without the rage and vigilantism so common with amateurs, and we need to stand up in real and meaningful ways to prevent crime. We needed a new voice against cyber-enabled online fraud.

SCARS is that voice!

We are an incorporated nonprofit based in Florida (Nonprofit Corporation Registration #N20000011978 confirm our status here. EIN 85-3761559)

How Has SCARS Helped?

We help tens of thousands of scam victims every month, some have lost everything they have and are ready to take their own lives because of the unbearable shame and trauma. We direct victims to professional services and counselors while educating victims about how scams happen and how to recover. Our teams work directly with victims to help them through recovery in our professional support groups and much more.

As a site visitor, you know the quality of our educational work and how important this is for victims of online crime!

SCARS is a real organization that is partnered with government agencies worldwide. But we need everyone’s help to continue reaching victims and potential victims worldwide!

Your generous contribution of Just $10 will help us continue to educate & support the victims of relationship scams.

You will be helping to support free scam avoidance education for adults & children, free victims’ assistance & support, free victim recovery programs, real advocacy on behalf of victims, online crime prevention programs, and so much more that SCARS delivers every day.

SCARS is a nonprofit Florida corporation with offices in Miami Florida & Monterrey N.L. Mexico. With your help, we can help scam victims recover their lives!

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