(Last Updated On: March 25, 2022)

Being In A Nigerian Prison Is Hell!

The Nigerian Prison System Has Both Modern & Stone Age Prisons

A SCARS™ Special Report

Originally Published November 2018 / Updated November 2021

What Awaits Scammers Sent To Prison In Nigeria?

So Many Victims Demand Justice But What Does Justice Really Look Like?

Sadly, Nigerian prisons reflect their society. Some are somewhat close to modern standards while others are stone age. It depends on the crime and the prisoner’s connection where they go, not to mention the region of the country.

When a Nigerian scammer is sentenced to a year or 2, most victims feel that it is not enough. Take a look at these photos and see how you feel? Remember, that in the Nigerian culture, being a convict condemns the person for their entire life and their families too!

However, as we have started to see, a second-time offender can get a sentence of much longer duration. One received 28 years in prison for his second offense.

Make no mistake, we do not propose leniency. After all, victims go through hell for years themselves!

Here is a gallery of photos of scammers and other prisoners in Nigerian prisons.

Is this close enough to hell?

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