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These are testimonials written by scam victims about the victims’ assistance & support services they received from SCARS.



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To Dr. McGuinness, SCARS Thank you SO much for presenting at our call last week. We had approximately 120 people on the call and featured your resources in our partner newsletter that reaches beyond 700 POCs as well as our STOP. THINK. CONNECT. You were featured also in our Friends newsletter that has over 30,000+ subscribers this week so we appreciate the valuable content you provided. We also will be keeping you in mind for […]

P. Young, National Awareness Programs, NPPD/Office of Cybersecurity & Communications, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

De entrada realmente sentí el compromiso, la compasión el profesionalismo que no es un juego ayudar a las víctimas. con el tiempo ver la transparencia, respeto con la que se trabaja en los grupos y páginas da gusto. No solo apoyan, te instruyen todo el tiempo para que salgamos de la ignorancia sobre el mundo de las estafas , estafadores y como ayudar a las víctimas. Muy agradecida de ser parte de un grupo de […]


SCARS give the scam victims feelings of safety, understanding. Victims are never blamed, never accused but provided with the knowledge-lack of which cost them so much and ongoing education which helps them to stay safe online. The most important thing for devastated victims is showing them that recovery is possible. SCARS do not only show it but help and support victims in their recovery. I owe my recovery to SCARS. Thank you Dr Tim, thank […]


SCARS has provided information that I wish I had access to before my scammer was able to pull me in. SCARS has given support that helps with the healing process and is an organization that every person on social media should know about. Scars can save others from emotional and financial scams but then can offer support and help for those who have already gone through it.

Marie M.

I think the information provided here are plenty and useful, trustworthy. I really appreciate the information about criminology and victim psychology. These help me understanding what is happening with victims and how we can help.


Me siento muy segura en SCARS aquí la información es clara y el trabajo siempre en beneficio de las víctimas sé que es un lugar seguro.


SCARS literally saved my life! They were there for me after my scam when I did not know who else to turn to who would understand. SCARS had provided me valuable support & education that continues to help me in my recovery.

Debbie S.

Thanks to SCARS I was able to see that I was being scammed by someone I thought was my love. They helped me see that the initial thoughts I had of him being a scammer were correct and showed me how to escape his clutch on me. The knowledge I now have is so valuable and I hope to be able to help others facing this horrible ordeal. SCARS really is a safe haven for […]

Lo F.

Thanks to SCARS, I recovered my life and trust, thanks to the support and education you provide through the groups and pages, but above all that human warmth that makes us feel that we are not alone is what motivates us to continue forward. Thank you SCARS for being a part of my life, it is an honor for me to be a member of your team. Your high standards of honesty and clarity in […]

Alfa V.

SCARS- is an organization that follows a clear Code of Conduct. Every victim of fraud feels there respected and safe. SCARS provides the victims with constant education and support, and strongly motivates them to make progress in their process of recovery. As a romance scam victim, I owe my recovery to SCARS! I am very grateful to – Dr. Tim McGuiness,  SCARS founder, SCARS team, SCARS Volunteers and Members for their great job they do […]


I reached out to The Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams (SCARS) after my relationship fraud story went public…national television public. The support group and the leadership team were there for me right away and guided me through the recovery process with the most thorough educational information/studies/first hand accounts I’ve ever seen. There are thousands of cybersecurity companies around the world, but SCARS is the ONLY victim-centric organization for me.

Debby J.

Awe thanks! Been educating friends and family about being safe rather online or offline. Thanks to y’all educating us all on scams. God bless y’all for doing what y’all do!

Pammie W.

Thanks! I have learned so much from this group. The education has given me so many tools to stay safe. My recovery is going well I have put this behind me as much as possible! But the amazing thing is now I realize only a fleeting thought is ok! The memory holds to ensure that I am always alert. Again thanks so much for being here for us!

Denise H.

Well I want to thank Dr. McGuinness, Iris Münzel Chris Fromai and all those people who supported me when I need it most and I felt so lost, without your support it would not have been possible that today after three years I feel totally recovered and free of the scam and all the emotional burden I lived … once again thank you SCARS for everything you do for me and for all the victims of scam […]


Good morning I would like to say thank you scars teams. I just report fake profile at it gone right away.

S. M.

This article was helpful for me, I’m a victim of a romance scam and I know a lot but with this article I learn more How to handle my feelings and my anger, Thank you


It helped me because I Came Upon a gentleman using major general’s identity

Donna A.

Think I have found a photo of someone who I chat to who says he is in the army, he plays “words with friends” which is a word game, his name on the game is Daniel E


Great article regarding Google Hangouts and Scammers using this app online to steal/con legit users. I believe if a few examples of a few brief scams used by the twisted liars would help hit home.

Paul T.

Am also a victim an in recovery, any information that’ll help others is great

Joan L.

I saw a girl who had contacted me on Plenty of fish some time ago. She asked me for money to upgrade her phone so we could talk. I didn’t give her any as I rightly guessed she was trying to work me.

Mark D.

She found me on a dating sight. Chatted a while then went to sending me pictures of herself, nudes and topless poses. She tried video chat once but it kept breaking up. Then she started asking for money for food. He sick grandma and neighborhood kids was starving.

Joe G.

I have been scammed more than once…too naive, I suppose!

Zoe M.

Many of the phrases are exactly what I’ve heard. I just hope others listen/read very carefully to what is being said. If they do that, they’ll be able to tell or at least begin to suspect that they’re being scammed. Those are not texting errors.

Jan P.

Some information was obvious though the point was effective.

Chef James

Thinking I may need local therapy so this was timely for me. Help finding the right therapist.


Excellent article I was a victim can relate to this! Thank you


Very informative and helpful for some being scammed!


Easy to use and good to be able to warn others not to be drawn in.

Chris O.

I realize that having to kind of a heart is my one weakness and I have to work on that and not let anyone use that against my better judgment. Thank to all of you that have helped, you all are great people and I’m thankful for individuals like yourselves.

Chris A.

Great information. Very informative. It carries a great deal of information. Very easy site to navigate. All very helpful. I recommend to all my friends.

Jacqui A.

Very Informative. Helpful. Great articles. I tell all my friends about RSN. I share articles with them also.

Hirshy F.

Excellent, very helpful. A credit to the fight against romance scammers, would recommend to anyone :)


Very good articles a lot of information, I learned a lot thanks to them. They are the best with a lot of experience


“The BEST Romance Scam Survivor Support Group online” No one knows how a scam victim/survivor really feels except for a fellow survivor. SCARS ( has the most comprehensive, educational support information available to family, friends and survivors and is my “go to” place when victims reach out to me. Highly recommend to anyone looking to know more about the HOW, WHERE, WHAT, and WHY of online romance scams and survival afterwards.


This is the only group that really understand victims. Every other group I have seen is either full of haters and mentally ill people or they are full of scammers. Great job guys you have my seal of approval.


Never ceases to amaze me how fast some people give their hard earned money away to people they have never met. It is the same with crowdfunding, I do not understand it.


I talked to a scammer once. He sent 4 pictures of 3 different men. On day 3, he already loved me. His phone number didn’t quite match the city he was in. We talked once. He had a very strong accent, and the phone line had a lot of static. He had a business trip where he had a meeting with clients — even though it was a holiday. Then he flew to Nigeria where […]

Peggy X.

The desperation to be loved and wanted and needed makes so many men and women fall for these scams. It is this desperation which causes intelligence, foresight, and instinct, to be taken over by a need to please, and in turn, the need to retain the object of their affection.


Thanks for all the great & informative information! I didn’t know about real life scams…but now I know..thanks to you guys…and I told my sisters about this since they are still in the dating world! I have learned about the tricks and friend requests that these yahoo boys and Africans use..however it pays to continue can never know enough since these guys are sophisticated and use all types of messages to try and hook you […]

Lois H.

Gracias desde España , por todo aqui no nos hacen ni caso a las denuncias

María C.


Susan C.

Thank you so much for your effort. I do support you 100%. Please keep going, there are so much increasing of these devils.

Supa G.

Thank you for doing an amazing job in educating people about scams, and for everything you do!! 😊

Brights A.

Hvala vam za sve što radite, da nam pognete.

Zeljka M.

Thank you so very much for the amazing job telling and the education of scams and what all you do. Thank you again

Cindy N.

Thank you very much, need to be aware about this for the sake of women in my country, even one of my niece in Philippines almost fall for the scammer..

Lydz V.

Congratulations !!!! thanks for the great work you have done helping so many people worldwide


Your site helped me figure that out before getting sucked into the scam trap.

Stanley R.

Happy new Year for the Team

Monika H.