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These are testimonials written by scam victims about the victims’ assistance & support services, as well as education & information provided by the Romance Scams Now division of SCARS.


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To Dr. McGuinness, SCARS Thank you SO much for presenting at our call last week. We had approximately 120 people on the call and featured your resources in our partner newsletter that reaches beyond 700 POCs as well as our STOP. THINK. CONNECT. You were featured also in our Friends newsletter that has over 30,000+ subscribers this week so we appreciate the valuable content you provided. We also will be keeping you in mind for […]

P. Young, National Awareness Programs, NPPD/Office of Cybersecurity & Communications, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

I realize that having to kind of a heart is my one weakness and I have to work on that and not let anyone use that against my better judgment. Thank to all of you that have helped, you all are great people and I’m thankful for individuals like yourselves.

Chris A.

Great information. Very informative. It carries a great deal of information. Very easy site to navigate. All very helpful. I recommend to all my friends.

Jacqui A.

Very Informative. Helpful. Great articles. I tell all my friends about RSN. I share articles with them also.

Hirshy F.

Excellent, very helpful. A credit to the fight against romance scammers, would recommend to anyone :)


Very good articles a lot of information, I learned a lot thanks to them. They are the best with a lot of experience


“The BEST Romance Scam Survivor Support Group online” No one knows how a scam victim/survivor really feels except for a fellow survivor. SCARS ( has the most comprehensive, educational support information available to family, friends and survivors and is my “go to” place when victims reach out to me. Highly recommend to anyone looking to know more about the HOW, WHERE, WHAT, and WHY of online romance scams and survival afterwards.


This is the only group that really understand victims. Every other group I have seen is either full of haters and mentally ill people or they are full of scammers. Great job guys you have my seal of approval.


Never ceases to amaze me how fast some people give their hard earned money away to people they have never met. It is the same with crowdfunding, I do not understand it.


I talked to a scammer once. He sent 4 pictures of 3 different men. On day 3, he already loved me. His phone number didn’t quite match the city he was in. We talked once. He had a very strong accent, and the phone line had a lot of static. He had a business trip where he had a meeting with clients — even though it was a holiday. Then he flew to Nigeria where […]

Peggy X.

The desperation to be loved and wanted and needed makes so many men and women fall for these scams. It is this desperation which causes intelligence, foresight, and instinct, to be taken over by a need to please, and in turn, the need to retain the object of their affection.


Thanks for all the great & informative information! I didn’t know about real life scams…but now I know..thanks to you guys…and I told my sisters about this since they are still in the dating world! I have learned about the tricks and friend requests that these yahoo boys and Africans use..however it pays to continue can never know enough since these guys are sophisticated and use all types of messages to try and hook you […]

Lois H.

Gracias desde España , por todo aqui no nos hacen ni caso a las denuncias

María C.


Susan C.

Thank you so much for your effort. I do support you 100%. Please keep going, there are so much increasing of these devils.

Supa G.

Thank you for doing an amazing job in educating people about scams, and for everything you do!! 😊

Brights A.

Hvala vam za sve što radite, da nam pognete.

Zeljka M.

Thank you so very much for the amazing job telling and the education of scams and what all you do. Thank you again

Cindy N.

Thank you very much, need to be aware about this for the sake of women in my country, even one of my niece in Philippines almost fall for the scammer..

Lydz V.

Congratulations !!!! thanks for the great work you have done helping so many people worldwide


Your site helped me figure that out before getting sucked into the scam trap.

Stanley R.

Happy new Year for the Team

Monika H.

I thank you for everything you do for us, wish you health and all the best in 2019

Heidy M.

Dziękuję wam za pańską pracę i życzę w nadchodzącym roku 2019 jeszcze bardziej owocnych sukcesów w łapaniu tych oszustów

Rosita K.

There is a scammer from Nigeria maybe he is in this group in a fake account l just want to tell him that. You destroyed a life of a Canadian woman you scammed all her saved she is suffering since 2015 there are more things to tell you about her but l don’t want pour them l just want to tell you that l Hate Nigeria because of you and other scammers You destroyed a […]

Serdal Ö.

Thank you SCARS / RSN for all what you have done and still do. You do a good Job. I wish you all Happy New Year.

B. Sillah

Muchas gracias a todos ustedes que nos han apoyado, educado y acompañado. Qué el próximo año sea próspero.

Adri P.

Gracias por toda la ayuda que estamos recibiendo las que hemos sido estafadas y para evitar que las demás lo sean

María C.

Heroes are Heroes, not because they do what gives them fame or glory. Not because they do what they want. They are heroes because they do what is needed when it is needed! Great job my borthers and sisters at SCARS. You are making the Internet Great Again! Your old friend John. Merry Christmas 2018

John Hull

We are with you SCARS!

Barbara F,

Yay! Thank you for keeping up the fight! Facebook is part of the reason in my opinion on allowing scammers to continue especially after reporting so many they refuse to take down fake accounts. United we stand against scammers! Great job SCARS/RSN

Pammie W.

I am very glad that someone is finally trying to get information out there to people. To help get rid of these scammers off the internet and make people aware of what is happening there. Thank you so much for your efforts it is greatly appreciated.

Tracey L.

Thanks for everything you do against the romance scamming

Christina K.

Thenks you for your job and god bless you and your team

Hajra S.

Thank you so much for all that y’all do! I’m spreading awareness on my pages as well. Keep up the amazing great work!!!

‎Pammie W.

Thank you RSN. I have been learn and safe from your Information. Not to be naive again and accept Friend request from People that I don`t knew. And also not to be naive to send Money to someone that I never see in real Life. I trust you. Thank so much.


Everything you do RSN is greatly appreciated. Recognizing scammers and blocking and reporting on your site is more meaningful then going to the local Police Station. Thank you for all your support and education and information you provide to so many victims through this website.


Greetings! I’ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

Keon H.

I really enjoy reading on this website, it contains superb content. “We find comfort among those who agree with us–growth among those who don’t.”

Frank C.

Very interesting information! Perfect just what I was searching for!

Edgar P.

I like what you guys are up too. Such intelligent work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys

Toshu D.

I think this is among the most significant info for me. And i am glad reading your article.

Ezy C.

I really like this

Ira R.

I personally like this Page, well informed and the advice where we can go for help. Thank You!

Arline F.

SCARS is number 1 NGO anti-scam in the World, no doubt about it. I am so proud that Waspada ( means Beware of ) is a SCARS Member Group for Indonesia.

Fenny Fatimah, Waspada Scammer Cinta Indonesian Anti-Scam Group

I would like to thank you for educating like myself to be on alert regarding the scammers that are online and the dedication you all put into to help us. ‘Keep up the amazing job, all the works your doing will not be in vain, I’m happy that there is someone out there willing to help as we know nowadays hard to find’.


“What a great idea and I agree all the stuff you just wrote.” The participation of one is a great deal and a voice to spread out and let everyone we know, know’s what’s going on. I’m happy to know that this organization helps me to overcome and understand how the Scammers operates. Thank you for opening my outlook ways having friends with a perfect stranger on a network. I understand now and I greatly […]

Ed B.

Thank GOD for SCARS

Ginny T.

Thank you for a wonderful job RSN.

Martha M.

Good morning, I am very excited by your side. I share a lot with you. it is very instructive what you give us along the way. keep it up. wanted to tell you as a feedback. Thank you for your great work.

Kerstin B.
Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams

On behalf of all of the employees and management of SCARS & the RSN Division, we offer our most sincere thanks for your kind words!

Tom Borman
Managing Director,
RSN Division
Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS]
Miami, Florida, U.S.A. & Guangdong, China


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