Content Removal Request

Reported Content Removal Request

Content Removal Request

Use this form to request the removal of content that may have been reported by site visitors as being related to criminal activity. This includes things like Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, etc.</p?

All information must be provided to consider your request.

SCARS accepts no responsibility for the publishing of user reported information, and is immune from liability under the CDA section 230.

Requests will be processed as soon as possible.

What Do You Want Removed?

Tell us on what page/post URL the content is located. Without this we will be unable to locate the content.
Give us the name of the page or post. This can be found under the main menu or in the title area of the page or post.
This will help us better understand your request.
Describe this in detail to prevent error, If needed copy and paste the exact information to be removed.
Such as, it is now your phone number, was never involved in a scam or crime, etc.

Your Identity

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Per USC 21 cfr 11
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