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Background Information:

Romance Scams Now is the current instance of an evolutionary process that began in 1991 by one of the founders of It began as an awareness of emerging scams appearing on America Online, and evolved to observe the expansion of these crimes with the introduction of the web. Our founder, Dr. Tim McGuinness observed the escalation of online crime from the 1990’s, and as these increased in scope, complexity, and damage, was there to offer education and guidance for victims and prospect victims.

The first iteration of the effort was in the form of an AOL Chat Room, which became a dedicated web page on the TigerDirect website. In 1998 it was separated out and incorporated into the McGuinnessOnline website (no longer published), which became the stand-alone website in 2012. It was originally published by Dr. McGuinness’ “McGuinnessPublishing”, then transfered to PerfectReputations® llc. In July 2017 was acquired by the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS] – a nonprofit non-governmental organization (

RSN is one of the two largest websites focused on Cyber Relationship-based Crime (Romance Scams) the world over. It has a verified 1,600,000 visitors in 2016. In addition publishes nearly 100 social media pages on most major platforms, especially Facebook. It also operates the only Scam Victim’s Assistance & Support Groups online on Facebook – it is also the only lawfully compliant Victims’ Assistance Organization registered with the United States Department of Justice, and is a partner organization with the United States Department of Homeland Security on online safety initiatives.

RSN was also one of the two architects of the SCARS Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network; which captures scammer data from numerous sources, stores this under a clearing-house model, and distributes it to over 800 locations around the world. The principal entry points for reporting scammers being on this website, on, and on over 75 business pages on Facebook.

Unlike all other anti-scam entities, RSN has a real organization and staff of media, creative, online crime education, and victims’ support professions. We develop and create vast amounts of original content to support awareness education and victims’ support. By contrast, all others are one or two amateur individuals self-publishing.

RSN has a dedicated permanent staff of media professionals, many who themselves have been victims of Romance Scams, based in Miami Florida U.S.A.

Press & Media Contact:

Please contact us via email for a call back: or

Please do not use our local phones due to the heavy volume of victims’ calls and spam calls we receive.

We typically respond within 48 hours, but please indicate if your need for contact is urgent and we can respond rapidly 7 days a week. We can accommodate any time zone if needed.

We will be happy to provide access to our management and volunteers who have agreed to support media awareness.

Press Contact Mailing Address: 9737 NW 41st Street, Suite 530, Doral, Florida 33178 U.S.A. Attn: Jane Ward

The Press & Media may contact us for any need.