Scammer Report Removal Request

Use this form to request the removal of a scammer report.

How this process works:

We will attempt to remove reports form this website or RSN social media pages when requested if the reason is because of error or false report.

Note that it is not possible to remove all instances of a report in all cases, since this data may have been distributed to systems, websites, or social media beyond our control as is stated on both this website and on If we make a determination to remove a report, we will endeavor to use our best efforts to remove the report, subject to the limitations of time and personnel. We make no warranties about if or when the removal will occur.

All reports will be retained even if removed from display for legal reasons.

The request must be completely filled in. Incomplete requests will not be considered.

After completing the request, we will not contact you until either we require additional information or the report has been removed where it can be removed.

There is no need for further contact. We will contact you when we need to.

In The Event Of An Error Made While Reporting

Usually it is not necessary to request the removal of the report. We will gladly help by editing information entered in error by simply contacting us by email at or you can fill in this report if you wish.

In The Event Of A False Report

In the event of a false report made maliciously we may elect to notify law enforcement for their review.

If you submitted a false report you will be permanently banned from our websites and all other media under our control.

If you are also a