Antivirus Scam

Anti-Scam FAQ: What Is An Antivirus Scam? Answer: People are cold called and told they have a problem with their computer which, for a fee, can be fixed. Alternatively, the victim might initiate the contact in response to an online advert or prompt claiming that their device has been infected with a virus. Other computer scam methods involve offering bogus virus protection or warranties

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One Ring Call Phone Scam / Wangiri Scam

Anti-Scam FAQ: What Is A One Ring/Wangiri Scam? Answer: When your phone rings only once, late at night, you may be tempted to call back. But the call may be from a foreign country with an area code that looks deceptively like it's in the U.S. If you dial back, international calling fees may wind up on your bill. Such cons are also known by the Japanese term "Wangiri."

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Nanny/Care Giver Scam

Anti-Scam FAQ: What Is A Nanny/Care Giver Scam? Answer: Sometimes scammers post fake job listings for nannies or caregivers. They offer a job but ask you to buy supplies or other equipment upfront. They may send you a post-dated check and ask you to purchase gift cards or transfer money to a vendor. The check inevitably bounces.

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Mexico Collect Call Scam

Anti-Scam FAQ: What Is A Mexican Collect Call Scam? Answer: Operators say you have a collect call from a family member in Mexico, sometimes even providing the family member's name. You accept the call, but it's from a stranger who offers no information about family members. You end up being billed regardless.

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Rental Car Scams

Anti-Scam FAQ: What Is A Rental Car Scam? Answer: Scammers are posing as rental car companies, setting up their own websites, and advertising fake customer service phone numbers, all to convince travelers they’re legit. Then, they’re asking people to pre-pay for the rental — with a gift card or prepaid debit card. To avoid rental car scammers driving off with your money: Research the rental car company by searching for the name of the company [...]

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