Anti-Scam FAQ: SCARS Banned Terms Words & Phrases?


SCARS Bans these terms because they are victim blaming, inaccurate, or victim exploitative.

  • Catfish/Catfished – a derogatory term targeting women
  • Love Scam – psychological violation is not love
  • Swindler – a minimizing term – these are criminals
  • Con Artist – destroying the lives of innocent victims is not art!
  • Sweetheart Scam – a criminal that destroys their victim’s lives is no sweetheart
  • Absconder – another minimizing term – they are criminals
  • Trickster – another minimizing term – they are not magicians, they are criminals

Also, scam victims are not fools, not brainwashed, not naive, not gullible, not needy, not lonely, they are profoundly traumatized crime victims.

Businesses, the media, and even other victims need to stop exploiting and blaming them through the terms you use!

We all need to be on the same page about this. This is one of the primary reasons that only 1-3% of these crime victims report these crimes to law enforcement!

Stop and think about the words you use! Eradicate them from your vocabulary NOW!

Please watch the video below for more insights into this topic.

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