Anti-Scam FAQ: Can you recover your money – Money Recovery?


The simple answer is Yes and No!

This is a more complex question than it would seem. It involves many factors including:

  • How the money was sent?
  • When the money was sent?
  • How much money was sent?
  • Was the financial institution notified?
  • Was it included in a government remission program?
  • Can law enforcement recover the money?

Speed is usually the important factor in recovering money. For example, in the case of bank wire transfers the bank can reverse the wire if notified quickly enough. However, Interpol has a process that can help law enforcement and banks recover the money for months after it was sent. In the case of lost cryptocurrency, law enforcement can trace where the money is and seize it if it is still in an accessible wallet using blockchain tracing.

In addition, there have been several government remission programs for Western Union and MoneyGram that still have money due to victims. If you have applied for these and did not receive all that you were due, or even if you have not applied, you may still be able to get your money back. If you think you might qualify for these contact SCARS for a referral to attorneys that might be able to help you.

If you sent money by any other means, such as gift cards, you probably will not be able to recover your money. But as always, the devil is in the details and it depends! Zelle transfers for example could not be refunded, but in the last few weeks, this is changing. So it always depends on the victim and the pressure they place on those that can refund or recover the money!

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