Anti-Scam FAQ: Why should crime victims find professional advocates instead of getting advice from amateurs?


It is generally recommended for crime victims to seek the help of professional advocates, such as SCARS, rather than getting advice from amateurs for a few reasons.

◾️️ First, professional advocates, like SCARS, have the necessary training and experience to provide effective support and assistance to crime victims. They are typically familiar with the criminal justice system, and they know how to navigate the legal and bureaucratic processes involved in seeking justice and compensation. They can provide valuable advice and guidance to help victims understand their rights and options, and they can help victims access the resources they need to recover from their ordeal.

◾️️ Second, professional advocates, like SCARS, are bound by strict ethical standards and codes of conduct, which ensure that they provide high-quality, professional services to their clients (SCARS ethical standards are published on They are required to maintain confidentiality and respect the rights and autonomy of their clients, and they are held accountable for their actions. This can provide an additional layer of protection and support for victims, and it can help ensure that they receive the best possible care.

◾️️ Finally, professional advocates (SCARS) are typically affiliated with governments and organizations that provide support and resources to crime victims. This can make it easier for victims to access the services they need, and it can help ensure that they receive timely, comprehensive, and coordinated care.

Overall, seeking the help of a professional advocate can provide valuable support and assistance to crime victims, and it is generally considered to be a better option than getting advice from amateurs.

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