Anti-Scam FAQ: How do I trace an IP address in Nigeria?


To trace an IP address in Nigeria, you will need to use a specialized tool called a “traceroute” or “tracert” tool. This tool allows you to see the route that data takes from your computer to the target IP address, which can help you determine the digital location of the IP address.

To use a traceroute tool, you will need to open a command prompt on your computer and type the command “tracert” followed by the target IP address. For example, if the target IP address is “,” you would type “tracert” and then press Enter.

Once you have entered the command, the traceroute tool will display the route that the data takes from your computer to the target IP address. This route will include the IP addresses of each intermediate network device that the data passes through, as well as the time it takes for the data to reach each device.

Keep in mind that tracing an IP address can be difficult and may not always provide accurate results. Additionally, attempting to trace an IP address without the owner’s permission may be illegal in some countries, including Nigeria. It is always best to use caution and respect the privacy of others when using these tools.

Also, using this process against a professional cybercriminal will identify YOUR computer to them if they look in their computer’s logs. That would not be a good idea.

Just keep in mind that having an IP address does not really help you. Only law enforcement can make effective use of it during and investigation.

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