What Drives People To Be Scammed?

What Drives People To Be Scammed? A SCARS Overview Why Do People Accept Scams? What We Are Really Asking Is Why People Believe In Fantasies? What is it about us humans that we are so willing to believe a fairytale? Yet, so often that is exactly what we do! This is not intended to shame victims - far from it, this is intended to help victims example their own [...]

Why Internet Fraud Thrives – A Nigerian Perspective [Updated]

Why Internet Fraud Thrives A Nigerian Perspective A SCARS Insight Why Nigerian Online Fraud Thrives According to Blueprint (Nigeria) ... Why internet fraud thrives Even though crimes have been with society for ages, the recent upsurge in internet crime is unparalleled. ELEOJO IDACHABA in this report examines the indices and the causes of what is now referred to as internet or simply yahoo yahoo fraud. They live exotic [...]

Millennial Scam Victims! – A SCARS Special Report

God Help Millennials! Millennials Are The Most Scammed Demographic A SCARS Special Report Our Latest Generation Of "Adults" Are Being Scammed At Faster Rates And In Greater Numbers Than Senior Citizens Let's face it, Millennials think they own the online world - they grew up with it, they live it every second of the day. But this same absolute confidence in their mastery of everything Internet is also [...]