What Drives People To Be Scammed?

What Drives People To Be Scammed? A SCARS Overview Why Do People Accept Scams What We Are Really Asking Is Why People Believe In Fantasies! What is it about us humans that we are so willing to believe a fairytale? Yet, so often that is exactly what we do! This is not intended to shame victims - far from it, this is intended to help victims example their [...]

FAKE NEWS: Nigeria’s EFCC Will Pay Bounty On Yahoo Boys!

Nigeria's EFCC Will Pay Million Bounty On Yahoo Boys! Fake News / Urban Legend! Sorry, it is NOT True - a SCARS Insight FAKE NEWS: For The First Time, Nigerian Declares All Our War Against Yahoo Boy Scammers! The Nigerians Are Not Willing To Make Informants Millionaires If They Identify Online Scammers Or Fraudsters! Of course, this is just another Nigerian Urban Legend! According to SCARS sources in [...]

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