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Desensitizing – SCARS|RSN™ Psychology Of Scams

SCARS|RSN™ Psychology Of Scams: Desensitizing For Most Victims After The Scam Is A Very Traumatic Period NOTE: The following is not intended as a treatment or therapy guide but as a discussion of the subject matter. All decisions about mental health treatments or therapies should be made by patients in consultation with a licensed mental help professional. The trauma from the scam, romance scam specifically, will be very traumatic for an extended period of time. In [...]

What You Can Expect After A Scam – SCARS|RSN™ Podcast By Dr. Tim McGuinness

 SCARS|RSN™ Podcast By Dr. Tim McGuinness: What You Can Expect After A Scam Immediately After A Scam, You Will Have Questions. We Will Try To Answer Them! Here is our After-Scam Reality Check Podcast! You can download this for playback later is you would like. It is blunt but to the point – you need proper expectations to move forward with your recovery. Based upon our 27 Years of Experience this is what you should expect: You Have Been [...]

Financial Assistance & Crime Victim Compensation – A SCARS|RSN™ Guide

SCARS|RSN™ Guide: Financial Assistance & Crime Victim Compensation For U.S.A. Crime Victims ONLY - Canada Has Similar Programs - International Residents Check With Your Own Country To See What Crime Victims’ Assistance Is Available Yes! There Is Financial Assistance Available! SCARS is a registered Crime Victims’ Assistance & Support Organization and a member of VictimConnect a service of the National Center for Victims of Crime of the United States Department of Justice. Every state has [...]

The Keys to Motivating Yourself After a SCAM!

The Keys to Motivating Yourself After a SCAM! Recognize that you were scammed. Admit it. Say it out loud! You were scammed! Don’t be ashamed. Accept that you were manipulated. They used you against yourself. They got the better of you! You gave them your money. You sent it to them willingly. It is never coming back! Accept that. They are beyond your reach. They live in countries across the ocean. You can’t get them [...]

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