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The SCARS Victims’ Assistance & Support Model

The SCARS Victims' Assistance & Support Model SCARS Is The Only Crime Victims' Assistance Organization With A Focus On Cybercrime Victims, And The Only One With Proven Recovery Solutions For Scam Victims. All of our groups are pieces of a larger puzzle. They are the funnel that can lead victims to support and assistance, but not everyone is ready for a real support group - they need to learn and work through issues before they [...]

RSN™ Guide: Romance Scam Infidelity

RSN™ Guide: Romance Scam Infidelity We All Know What A Romance Scam Is? You are vulnerable, maybe lonely, and you let a stranger into your life online. Maybe you were ready for a relationship, maybe not. You made a bad decision and you let the wrong stranger in, the rest is what it is. After the initial bad decision psychology suggests that you were manipulated and it was beyond your control until you reached the point where [...]