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Scam Grooming: Finding Common Interests

Scam Grooming: Finding Common Interests Scammer Techniques & Methods A SCARS Insight Scammers Know How To Groom You! They Begin To Hook You With Common Interests Scammers Know How To Start A Conversation With You And Spark A Friendship From your religion, hobbies, a line of work, etc., they use everything against you to bend you to their will. Once you accept their friend request or their connection, [...]

How Scams Work? Impersonation Romance Scams

How Scams Work? Impersonation Romance Scams African Style Impersonation Scams A SCARS Series How Scams Work? The Impersonation Romance Scam Almost all scams, frauds, or confidence tricks or schemes work along similar flows or have characteristics in common. Common Traits Almost all socially engineered scams or fraud have some basic common factors: A stranger contacts you - by email, phone, or online They use photos & identities of [...]

Fakes On Facebook & Social Media – A SCARS Quick Guide

SCARS™ Resources - Recognizing Fake IDs & Profiles This will provide useful information that will help you identify fakes on Facebook and social media. Remember, there are well over 1 billion fake profiles on Facebook alone. The photos and the names do not matter, it is the behavior or the story that matters! But you can use the hints in this to help you. Spotting Fakes On Facebook A [...]