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How You Just Might Get Your Money Back! – A SCARS|RSN™ Special Report

SCARS|RSN™ Special Report: How You Just Might Get Your Money Back! The following is an editorial and is NOT intended to express a legal opinion. We strongly recommend that all matters of law be discussed and reviewed with a licensed attorney. There Just Might Be A Way To Recover Some Money Is Specific Countries SMALL CLAIMS COURT What is a Small Claim? Small-claims courts have limited jurisdiction to hear civil cases between private litigants. Courts authorized to try small [...]

Money Recovery Scams – SCARS|RSN™ WARNING

SCARS|RSN™ WARNING: Money Recovery Scams This article is going to force you to look at some very blunt and harsh truths ... Money Recovery Services Are A Scam Scammers know you. They know that when you are the victim of a Romance Scams and lost money that you are going to be desperate to get your money back - to recover it. The problem is that once it is in the scammer's hands it is [...]

RSN™ Special Report: Money back from MoneyGram?

RSN™ Special Report: Money back from MoneyGram? The Federal Trade Commission Announce A Settlement With MoneyGram For $125 million! November 8, 2018 by Karen Dodge Staff Attorney, Midwest Region, FTC We’ve all known for a long time that scammers ask people to pay by wiring money. Money wiring companies like MoneyGram and Western Union have also known that scammers have people wire money using their services. In fact, the FTC has sued both companies – which [...]

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