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SCAM WARNING: Being Lured Into Scam Investments

SCAM WARNING: Being Lured Into Scam Investments Any place where you can interact with strangers, there are going to be scammers. Unfortunately, people develop trust with total strangers and are then lured into scams! Trusting Strangers Is Natural But So Dangerous! A Perfect Example: Investment Fraud via Dating Apps Experienced fraudsters are taking advantage of a surge in dating app users. LYON, France – INTERPOL has issued a [...]

Financial Fraud: Explained

Financial Fraud: Explained A SCARS Guide Based Upon FINRA Information 2020 Edition All fraud uses deception to enrich the fraudsters. In the case of financial fraud, deception and misrepresentation are used in conjunction with financial products, investments, or personal assets such as a house. While financial fraud encompasses a wide range of illegal behavior, our focus is on frauds that primarily target individuals: Ponzi schemes, mortgage fraud, advance-fee schemes, relationship scams, and credit card theft [...]