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Financial Crime Online – A Refersher – Don’t Become a Victim!

Financial Crime Online – Don’t Become a Victim! COVID Scams are still a very real threat, but there are more than just romance scams! This refresher will help you to continue avoiding them! Common Current Online & Phone Financial Crimes Follow some common sense rules to reduce your chance of being a victim of financial crime Criminals are quick to exploit the ignorance and vulnerability of their victims. [...]

Countering Technology-Facilitated Abuse

Please Help Us Help Scam Victims Worldwide By Making A Small Donation To SCARS Your generous contribution of Just $5 will help us continue to educate & support the victims of relationship scams. You will be helping to support free scam avoidance education for adults & children, free victims' assistance & support, free victim recovery programs, real advocacy on behalf of victims, online crime prevention programs, and so much more that SCARS delivers. Click [...]