Scammer Name-Calling – Please Just Stop It!

Scammer Name-Calling - Please Just Stop It! You Are Not Hurting Them, You Are Hurting Yourself! A SCARS Insight Why Stop Calling Scammers Names!? Calling Criminals Names Only Hurts Their Victims! We all see it all the time in the news, in commentary, and on social media. People calling criminals names - putting them down. But Why Do People Do It? This is an age-old attempt at chasing [...]

SCARS™ Scam Definition: EXTORTION

SCARS™ Scam Definition: EXTORTION Many Scam Victims Are Frequently Confused About The Definitions Of Cyber-Enabled Crimes, Such As Scams, Blackmail Or Extortion EXTORTION IS VERY SIMPLY OBTAINING BENEFIT THROUGH COERCION In most jurisdictions, extortion is a criminal offense. Pure and simple! Here is the definition in many U.S. States' Legal Codes: The crime of Extortion is committed when a person maliciously threatens to: Accuse another of any crime or offense; Injure the person, property or [...]