Confronting Scammers & The Guilt Or Flip Scam

Confronting Scammers & The Guilt Or Flip Scam It Is A Bad Idea To Confront Them When You Catch Them! What Happens When You Confront Your Scammer? A SCARS Guide They Lie Of Course! But It Is Not Wise To Call Them Out On It! We See And Hear This Literally Every Day A victim discovers the scam and confronts the scammer. We tell them not to, but few [...]

Surviving Sextortion / Sexual Photo Blackmail

Please Help Us Help Scam Victims Worldwide By Making A Small Donation To SCARS Your generous contribution of Just $5 will help us continue to educate & support the victims of relationship scams. You will be helping to support free scam avoidance education for adults & children, free victims' assistance & support, free victim recovery programs, real advocacy on behalf of victims, online crime prevention programs, and so much more that SCARS delivers. Click [...]

RSN™ Guide: Avoiding The Latest Blackmail Scam

RSN™ Guide: Avoiding The Latest Blackmail Scam Scammers Are Experts At Manipulation, We Know This, Right? But their expertise runs to far more than just romance scams. It includes a range of blackmail scams and extortion online as well. Many of you have experienced scammers treats and extortion attempts at the end of a romance scam, from public shaming to treats of killing your children. Another type of scam they engage in is the randomize [...]

SCARS™ Scam Definition: EXTORTION

SCARS™ Scam Definition: EXTORTION Many Scam Victims Are Frequently Confused About The Definitions Of Cyber-Enabled Crimes, Such As Scams, Blackmail Or Extortion EXTORTION IS VERY SIMPLY OBTAINING BENEFIT THROUGH COERCION In most jurisdictions, extortion is a criminal offense. Pure and simple! Here is the definition in many U.S. States' Legal Codes: The crime of Extortion is committed when a person maliciously threatens to: Accuse another of any crime or offense; Injure the person, property or [...]