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RSN™ Guide: Avoiding The Latest Blackmail Scam

RSN™ Guide: Avoiding The Latest Blackmail Scam Scammers Are Experts At Manipulation, We Know This, Right? But their expertise runs to far more than just romance scams. It includes a range of blackmail scams and extortion online as well. Many of you have experienced scammers treats and extortion attempts at the end of a romance scam, from public shaming to treats of killing your children. Another type of scam they engage in is the randomize [...]

ANTI-SCAM TIP: Scammers Like Gays & Lesbians

Dating Scammers targeting Gay and Lesbians online [this woman's photo was stolen, she may not be gay] Another New Trend In Dating Scams Lately, Dating or Romance Scammers in Ghana, Nigeria, and the Philippines are giving significant focus on Gays & Lesbians for their scamming. Why?  Generally because they tend to be more open and vulnerable, and trusting - less skeptical.  This makes them perfect targets for scammers.  The path that Gays and [...]

Romance Blackmail Scams

Last Updated on December 30, 2017 by SCARS Editorial Team

Don’t Panic Wait this is the time to panic! Here’s what happens… You find a great girl online, right?  You spend time, and trust.  Then you decide to move to the next step and compromise yourself – in photos or video or webcam… […]