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Europol Releases New Ransomware Tool – SCARS|RSN™ CYBERCRIME NEWS

SCARS|RSN™ CYBERCRIME NEWS: Europol Releases New Ransomware Tool No More Ransom To The Rescue: New Decryption Tool Released For Latest Version Of Gandcrab Ransomware Free decryption tool could save victims millions in ransomware payments The wait for the victims of GandCrab is over: a new decryption tool has been released today for free on the No More Ransom depository for the latest strand of GandCrab, one of the world’s most prolific ransomware to date. This tool was [...]


THE NEW TREND IN ROMANCE SCAMS PERMANENT DOMINATION THROUGH MALWARE So far, romance scam victims have been incredibly lucky in one respect. Yes, they have lost much to the scammers, but the scammers were focused on a one-dimensional attack. A straight on manipulative attack to gain money. However, what comes with vast amounts of money? As we have seen with the Drug Cartels - with endless streams of money comes incredible sophistication: in organization in [...]

Scammer Dangers

What are the dangers from scammers? You know the obvious one - you fall for a scammer and they take your soul and money. But are their other dangers? THAT IS A BIG FAT YES! So what are they? PROBLEM #1: Access. To start with the obvious, by friending a scammer you give them access to your family and friends, even your children! This is how they prospect for more victims, like a leech they [...]

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