New Government Impersonation Scam Warning

New Government Impersonation Scam A Scam Warning Provided by SCARS Scammers Posing as Federal Court and Law Enforcement The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI have issued a new scam warning. They are seeing renewed activity where perpetrators/scammers/fraudsters are posing as federal authorities to scare victims into sending money or cryptocurrency! In one of the latest examples, the perpetrators emailed a letter claiming to be from a federal court about [...]

Scam Warning: Afghan/Taliban Scammers Are Back!

 Afghan/Taliban Scammers Are Back! Urgent Scam Warning A SCARS Scam Alert As Predicted, Afghan Scamming Is Back! With the Biden Administration's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, scamming was sure to return. It had largely been under control for almost 20 years. The Afghan scammers moved to Iran with Al Qaeda, but it looks like they quickly moved back. But note that Afghan scammers are actual terrorist organizations! Here is another much [...]

Text Message Scam Warning

Text Message Scam Warning A Scam Alert from SCARS You Are All Familiar With Annoying Spam Text Messages! We Hate Them Don't We! You get messages at all hours, day and night, about insurance, buying used cars, car warranties, and anything else spammers think they can sell you. Plus countless businesses that you know and do business with now use text messages as a way to keep you [...]


SCAM WARNING: TANDEM LANGUAGE APP ANY ONLINE OR PHONE APP THAT ALLOWS YOU TO CHAT WITH STRANGERS IS GOING TO BE FULL OF SCAMMERS NOW! We live in a different world now! No social media is safe! There are some brilliant ideas that have been turned into wonderful apps & websites, but the problem is that most of them are full of scammers now. With hundreds of thousands [...]

Warning: Scammers Are Impersonating The U.S. Government More Than Ever!

Warning: Scammers Are Impersonating The U.S. Government More Than Ever! The holiday season revealed an increase in government impersonator scams. Knowing the warning signs will help to reduce vulnerability, and prevent yourself or your friends or family from being scammed. Government Imposter Scams on the Rise Courtesy of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command  (CID) by Ronna Weyland, Army CID, Quantico, Virginia, United States Adapted by SCARS [...]

SCARS™ Scam Warning: Blackmail Scam Messages

SCARS™ Scam Warning: Blackmail Scam Messages WE RECEIVED THIS MESSAGE THROUGH ONE OF OUR WEBSITES: Your computer, email and smartphone are hacked. We have all your photos, personal correspondence and access to bank accounts. On June 3, we will post on the Internet and send to all people who you have in contacts and social networks all your photos, correspondence, access to bank accounts and payment systems. You will be sued and the police will [...]

SCARS Special Report & Scam Warning: New Fake Bank Scam

SCARS Special Report & Scam Warning: New Fake Bank Scam We all know that scammers are inventive and resourceful. They will create the most amazing stories to lure in unsuspecting victims. However, a new Zero-Day Scam wins the award for the most audacious. Scammers invented a Fake Bank called SkyNet Yes You Read That Right - SkyNet Here Is The Message That We Received From A Victim Caught Up In This Scam: I’m not sure [...]

Victims Scamming Victims Warning

Victims Scamming Victims Warning We recently had to ban someone from our social media pages and groups who is indeed a real victim, but she was trying to obtain money from other victims. When she was caught doing this, she denied it but the evidence is very clear. She thought she would try to scam other victims into giving her money to make up for what she lost to her scammer. In effect, this was [...]

SCARS™ Scam Warning: Newspaper Ad Scams Still Work

SCARS™ Scam Warning: Newspaper Ad Scams Still Work The following was oroginally published on one fo the SCARS Facebook pages in August 2017. However, these scams are appearing again. Be Warned! Security expert Crowetz warns against responding to a personal ad looking for a husband Two ads in local papers could be scams Is a local newspaper advertisement an old-fashioned bait and switch scam? In Thursday's Palm Beach Post, someone paid for space to post [...]

SCARS™ Scam Warning: Scammers Can Access Your Bank Accounts

SCARS™ Scam Warning: Scammers Can Access Your Bank Accounts You Opened You Entire Life To Your Scammer They probably asked all they need to access your bank and account via mobile banking. They may use it or sell it. Either way, you need to take action right now! A Significant Number Of Online Security Schemes Use Security Questions To Verify It Is Really You Unfortunately, most people answer these questions with [...]

Sending Money Via MoneyGram

Money Gram Now Posts This Warning Of course MoneyGram and Western Union are the primary means that scammers obtain their stolen money, it is important that they are trying to help potential victims of international scams. MoneyGram Warns Consumers: Imposter Scams Are on the Rise Company Kicks Off National Consumer Protection Week With Scam Awareness Campaign DALLAS, TX (Mar. 2, 2015) (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As National Consumer Protection Week begins, MoneyGram (NASDAQ:MGI), a global money [...]