Missing Persons Scam – How Scams Work

Missing Persons Scams How Scams Work A SCARS Special Report New Type of Cyber-Enabled Fraud - Missing Person Scams Scammers Target Families Who Post Missing Persons on Social Media You see it every day on Facebook or other social media platforms. A family member posts that their teenager has disappeared or senior parent has not returned from a trip out of the house. The goal, of course, is to crowdsource [...]

The Sad Tale Of Glenda Seim

The Sad Tale Of Glenda Seim The Story of a Romance Scam Victim who became a Money Mule then a Federal Convict at age 81 A SCARS Victim Story Glenda Seim, Convicted Money Mule! An 81-Year-Old Kirkwood Woman Pleaded Guilty To Being A "Money Mule" For An Online Scammer 81-year-old Kirkwood, Missouri woman pleads guilty to being "money mule" An 81-year-old Kirkwood woman pleaded guilty to [...]

What Does The FBI’s IC3.gov Actually Do?

What Does The FBI's IC3.gov Actually Do? Helping Scam Victims Report These Crimes A SCARS Special Report Originally Published 2018 What Is The FBI's IC3.gov? The FBI's IC3 Accepts Online Internet Crime Complaints From Either The Actual Victim Or From A Third Party To The Complainant They say that they can best process a complaint if they receive accurate and complete information from the person making the report. They request [...]

SCARS Files Complaint With The Department of Justice Inspector General’s Office Against The FBI

SCARS Files Complaint With The Department of Justice Inspector General's Office Regarding Crime Victims Rights by the Federal Bureau of Investigation SCARS Victims' Advocacy The following is the text of that complaint: Attention: Office of the Inspector General, Department of Justice Regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigation, IC3.gov - Systematic Institutional Violation of the Rights of Crime Victims. September 8, 2021 Our organization SCARS (Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams [...]

Did The FBI on IC3.gov Ignore Your Crime Victims’ Rights?

Did The FBI on IC3.gov Ignore Your Crime Victims' Rights? U.S. Crime Victims' Rights & Reporting To The FBI on IC3.gov Did You Receive Information From The FBI? A SCARS Advocacy Project All Scam Victims - Please Note: Did you report your scam to the FBI? Via IC3.gov? More importantly, did you receive ANY of these notifications from them after reporting your crime? Were you ... Notified that you [...]

A Quick Reminder To Report All Scams

A Quick Reminder To Report All Scams A SCARS Anti-Scam Tip Click Here To Learn Why Reporting Matters! Click Here  How Do You Properly Report Scammers? REPORT EVERY SCAM - IT MATTERS! It is essential that law enforcement knows about scams & scammers, even though there is nothing (in most cases) that they can do immediately - eventually, the data does accumulate and can [...]

FBI Releases 2020 Internet Crime Report [UPDATED]

FBI Releases 2020 Internet Crime Report In 2020, while the American public was focused on protecting our families from a global pandemic and helping others in need, cybercriminals took advantage of an opportunity to profit from our dependence on technology to go on an Internet crime spree. These criminals used phishing, spoofing, extortion, and various types of Internet-enabled fraud to target the most vulnerable in our society - medical workers searching for personal protective [...]

FBI Advice On Children’s Online Dangers

FBI Advice On Children's Online Dangers Advice on how to keep your family safe online! United States Attorney’s Office, FBI Warns of Online Dangers As the world continues to operate in a more virtual environment due to COVID-19 restrictions, Acting United States Attorney Daniel P. Bubar and Christopher R. Derrickson, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Richmond Division are reminding people to continue to be vigilant [...]

Several Nigerian Nationals Sentenced to United States Federal Prison

Nigerian Nationals Sentenced to Nine Years in Federal Prison Nigerians Operate Scams Worldwide - In the U.S. & Other Countries In the past, Nigerians were limited to Nigeria & Great Britain, but no longer. However, unlike other criminal enterprises - victims have little to fear from them locally. Nigerian National Sentenced to Nine Years in Federal Prison for a Money Laundering Conspiracy Related to a Romance Scam and [...]

U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams – A SCARS Guide

U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams - A SCARS Guide A Guide To Help You Better Understand Fake Soldier Scams Understanding Fake Soldier Romance Scams Online Romance Scam Information About Stolen Soldier Identities Useful impersonation about military romance scams & identity theft of United States Army Soldiers and other Military Personnel! If You Suspect Someone Then They ARE A Scammer You may have a suspicion about [...]

The “Magazine Scams”

The "Magazine Scam" Target Confused Seniors With Magazine Rip-Off Scams The Magazine Scam - Victim Information From the U.S. Attorney, District of Minnesota What is the “Magazine Case”?  The “magazine case” is a series of federal cases brought in the District of Minnesota, which charge more than 60 defendants with a telemarketing scam that swindled seniors and other vulnerable victims out of more than $300 million. The scam [...]

Business E-Mail Compromise Scam Warning

Business E-Mail Compromise Scam Warning Across The World, Businesses Are Losing Over USD$100,000,000,000 A Year In BEC Scams This is also 100% preventable with basic knowledge and safeguards FBI Warns American Business Owners of Business E-Mail Compromise Scam FBI Has Important Information For Area Business Owners Who Find Themselves The Victim Of A Business E-Mail Compromise Scam (BEC also known as CEO Scams). This sophisticated financial fraud targets [...]

Why Reporting Matters?

Why Reporting Matters? Not Only Is It Your Duty You Could Be Saving Lives! Not all scammers are going to be investigated, but the information accumulates and eventually can be used! Why Should You Report Scammers? Did You Know That Most People Do Not Report Scammers? We know that 95% of you who will read this will not report your scammer to law enforcement or any credible entity [...]

Inside The FBI Podcast – Holiday Scams | Presented by SCARS

Inside The FBI Podcast - Holiday Scams | Presented by SCARS If you cannot play the podcast go to: Inside The FBI - Holiday Scams | Presented by SCARS on SoundCloud Podcast Transcript Monica Grover: ‘Twas the holiday season, when all through the land, online shoppers clicked quickly to get gifts in hand. But while they were adding treats and toys to their carts, a holiday scammer was practicing his art. “Free gift cards! Free presents! Just follow this link!” He hoped hurried shoppers would not stop and think. But one savvy shopper saw the [...]

SCARS™ Crime Story: The Downfall Of Habeeb Audu

SCARS™ Crime Story: The Downfall Of Habeeb Audu U.S. Attorney Announces Extradition Of British Citizen For Operating An International Money Laundering And Fraud Network Audrey Strauss, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and William F. Sweeney Jr., the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced that HABEEB AUDU, a/k/a “Dickson,” a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and Nigeria, was [...]