SCARS™ : Scammers Can Access Your Bank Accounts

You Opened You Entire Life To Your Scammer

They probably asked all they need to access your bank and account via mobile banking. They may use it or sell it. Either way, you need to take action right now!

A Significant Number Of Online Security Schemes Use To Verify It Is Really You

Unfortunately, most people answer these questions with information they know and can recall easily – meaning they are important and true answers.

They are things like:

  • Your first car
  • Your pet’s name
  • Your favorite color
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your grandmother’s first name
  • Your first job
  • Etc.

But a scammer or “conman” will ask these same questions just as a part of getting to know their victims. They may not even have been after your bank access, but you probably gave them everything they would need.

In Fact, Any Form Of Online Dating Conversations Probably Results In Leaking This Same Kind Of Information

Go Right Now To Your Online Accounts That Control Money And Change Them

We recommend never using easily hijacked information. Never use information that is contained in a profile or a resume. It should be something that someone could ask you but you would never say because it is not true.

Consider answering security questions with either false information, such as out of a favorite book or movie, or shift it.

For example, if your Grandmother’s name was Margaret answer the security question with you Aunt’s Name instead. Still easy to remember, but wrong. If it asked about your first car list the car your father had when you were young. Etc.

It is important to answer these questions with things you can easily remember, but equally important to never use answers that anyone can get out of you.

Remember, You Have To Be Smart Enough To Survive Online!