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Humor As A Tool In Scam Victim Recovery – Psychology Of Scams

Humor As A Tool In Scam Victim Recovery Psychology Of Scams A SCARS Insight Humor Is More Than Funny - It Can Also Be Healing! It represents an alternative means of expressing ourselves in moments of both crises and in talking about extraordinarily difficult situations. It can also be a tool that can help heal trauma! Gallows humor often is viewed as an expression of resilience and hope [...]


We Are SCARS And We Support Scam Victims Worldwide INFORMATION FOR NEW SCAM VICTIMS After the scam, you are going to be confused, angry, traumatized, and you need to know what you can do! Anger and revenge are not the path. Learning and regaining control of your life are the direction to recovery. Here are a series of guides and information that will help you better understand what your [...]

Millennial Scam Victims! – A SCARS Special Report

God Help Millennials! Millennials Are The Most Scammed Demographic A SCARS Special Report Our Latest Generation Of "Adults" Are Being Scammed At Faster Rates And In Greater Numbers Than Senior Citizens Let's face it, Millennials think they own the online world - they grew up with it, they live it every second of the day. But this same absolute confidence in their mastery of everything Internet is also [...]