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After The Scam Comes Disaster

After The Scam Comes Disaster - A SCARS Guide The Hard Times That Come After A Scam For scam victims understanding what to expect helps take away some of the anxiety that being a victim brings. AFTER THE SCAM COMES THE DIFFICULTY You all know what you felt after you discovered your scam. Heartache, despair, rage and anger, depression. The whole range of traumatic emotions that follow something like this. But few foresee the long-term consequences [...]

What Can You Expect After A Scam [Infographic]

What Can You Expect After A Scam [Infographic] Immediately After A Scam, You Will Have Questions If you are a new victim - we suggest that you read our THREE STEPS GUIDE FOR NEW VICTIMS FIRST! HERE IS OUR AFTER-SCAM REALITY CHECK! It is blunt but to the point - you need proper expectations to move forward with your recovery. Based upon our 30 Years of Experience this is what you should expect: You Have Been Scammed [...]