Things Scam Victims Can Do to Improve Their Mental Health Every Day

Things Scam Victims You Can Do to Improve Their Mental Health Every Day Scam Victim Recovery A SCARS Insight Small Steps To Build Resilience, Increase Positive Feelings, And Feel Better When people talk about mental health, they are often referring to a disorder – such as anxiety or depression – that may require professional support and treatment. But mental health is much more than a diagnosis. Mental health includes your [...]

The Dark Side of the Psychology of Scams – Schadenfreude

The Dark Side of the Victim Psychology - Schadenfreude The Psychology of Scams A SCARS Insight The Dark Side Of Victim Psychology For Many Years We Have Attempted To Understand The Obsessions Many Scam Victims Experience With Scammer Photos! PLEASE NOTE: This is not presented to make victims feel bad. This is shared to help victims take a look at their own emotions in the hope that it can bring [...]

Living under Manipulation for Too Long Leaves Victims …

Living under Manipulation for Too Long Leaves Victims ... An Exploration of the Short-Term & Long-Term Effects of Long-Term Relationship Scams A SCARS Insight into the Psychology of Scams What Does Extending Exposure To Romance Scams Manipulation Do To Victims? Long-Term Scams Can Have Very Lasting Effects This article is intended for both scam victims and can be shared with family and friends to help them better understand the scam [...]

Scam Victims & Traumatic Memories

Scam Victims & Traumatic Memories Traumatic memories are intensely powerful and come in two varieties The Impact On Scam Victims From Their Traumatic Memories Memories of trauma are unique because of how brains and bodies respond to threat Most of what you experience leaves no trace in your memory. Learning new information often requires a lot of effort and repetition — picture studying for a tough exam or mastering the [...]

The SCARS Philosophy of Providing Victims’ Support – Podcast

The SCARS Philosophy of Providing Victims' Support - Podcast The following is copyright © 2018 SCARS

SCARS™ Knowledge: What Is Our Job?

SCARS™ Knowledge: What Is Our Job? Literally Every Day We Are Attacked For Not Doing Our Job! [lwptoc] But What Is Our Job? So Many Victims Have No Idea How Scams Work Or What Is Realistic To Expect We spend vast amounts of time explaining the process, working to help victims directly through our assistance and recovery programs - helping them set rational expectations, yet many are so enraged they are incapable of even hearing [...]

RSN™ Guide: To Being A Victim

The RSN Guide To Being A Victim This Is One Of Those Things That No One Will Tell You To Your Face! Every day we are contacted by hundreds of victims - sometimes more than a thousand. We deal with people during one of the worst times in their lives. They have been violated and abused, and now they need help. We get it. We know - because our team have been victims too. We [...]