You Can Still Be Scammed! Over And Over!

You Can Still Be Scammed! Over And Over! A SCARS Insight You Say You Can't Be Scammed Again? We Bet That You Can! For decades we have been warning about scams of one nature or another, but what most scams have in common is Social Engineering! For Most Of You Who Have Been Romance Scammed You Sware It Will Never Happen Again, Right? WANT TO BET? It Takes More [...]

From Victim To Criminal

From Victim To Criminal Scam Victims Can Easily Cross The Line During A Scam And Afterward Make you that you are not engaged in illegal activities! SCARS™ Scam Basics: From Victim To Criminal How Can A Scam Victim Be Transformed Into A Criminal? IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! There are millions of romance scam victims around the world. More than a million in Europe, perhaps as many as [...]

The Hardest Subject – The Truth

The Hardest Subject - The Truth Originally published in 2017 - Updated December 2020 When it comes to Romance Scams there is no ONE TRUTH There are actually FOUR TRUTHS The Victim's Truth The Scammer's Truth Law Enforcement's Truth Society's Truth What are these and why are they different? You, who are visiting this page are probably a scam victim. That means you feel wronged, You feel like you were taken advantage of, and nobody [...]