The Truth

Are Victims Fraudsters Too?

Are Victims Fraudsters Too? Here is a question to ask yourself: Did you commit fraud while you were scammed? Did you lie to others to get money to send the scammer? Did you lie to others to send money to your scammer? You do not need to respond to this post if you do not want to. But just answer it for yourself honestly! This is one of those very difficult questions that eats at [...]

The Hardest Subject – The Truth

The Hardest Subject - The Truth Originally published in 2017 - Updated December 2020 When it comes to Romance Scams there is no ONE TRUTH There are actually FOUR TRUTHS The Victim's Truth The Scammer's Truth Law Enforcement's Truth Society's Truth What are these and why are they different? You, who are visiting this page are probably a scam victim. That means you feel wronged, You feel like you were taken advantage of, and nobody [...]