™ Guide:  Who Your Scammer Is

We Have A Few Serious Questions For Scam :

  • Do You Know Who Your Scammer Is?

  • Do You Hate Your Scammer?

  • Can You Ever Forgive Your Scammer?

  • When You Say You Can’t Forgive Your Scammer, Do You Even Know Who Your Scammer Is?

For most of you (especially victims of African Scammers), the answers are NO!

You do not really know who your scammer is or was.

For most of you, it IS NOT ONE PERSON who scammed you.

It was most probably an organization and not one person.

For the vast majority, all that you know for sure is a Fake Face. A stolen photo that you fell for, right?

You may have a name that you sent money to, but that is NOT likely your scammer:

  • You may have sent money to a mu