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RSN™ Guide: Hate Who Your Scammer Is

We Have A Few Serious Questions For Scam Victims:

  • Do You Know Who Your Scammer Is?

  • Do You Hate Your Scammer?

  • Can You Ever Forgive Your Scammer?

  • When You Say You Can’t Forgive Your Scammer, Do You Even Know Who Your Scammer Is?

For most of you (especially victims of African Scammers), the answers are NO!

You do not really know who your scammer is or was.

For most of you, it IS NOT ONE PERSON who scammed you.

It was most probably an organization and not one person.

For the vast majority, all that you know for sure is a Fake Face. A stolen photo that you fell for, right?

You may have a name that you sent money to, but that is NOT likely your scammer:

  • You may have sent money to a mule – another victim duped into accepting and forwarding money to the scammer
  • A pickup person, used by the scammers to pick up money
  • A mole in the Western Union, MoneyGram, etc. in Africa
  • Or even another fake name in Africa (or elsewhere) since it is up to the money transfer agency to verify identities, and they have their own team working in them
  • In other words, a cog in their organization.

Very rarely does a scammer pick up their own money and use a real name – this only happens with the independent scammers that are either alone or in a small gang.

Most Of You Will Never Know Who Your Scammer Is, Even If You Think You Do

Remember they are scammers and liars in everything they say! That means they lie even if you think they are finally telling you the truth.

So Let Us Ask You, Do You Hate Your Scammer?

Do you hate where they come from, such as Ghana or Nigeria, or Ivory Coast, or Liberia, or Kenya, or Benin?

Do you hate all of Africa because of what was done to you?

What if the scammer was from a different country? Such as the Philippines, or China, or Malaysia, or Indonesia, or Russia, or India, or Jamaica? Because there are different major organizations of scammers in all of those countries and far more too.

So do you hate China? How about Germany? How about Japan? Do you hate Mexico? Do you hate the Philippines? Or India?

Not only just scamming, each of these other countries has taken from you by their competition with your country in some way and took jobs from one place to another. Or they offer cheap products that killed manufacturers in your country.

So, Do You Hate Them?

You probably do not. What is the difference?

The Difference Is That You Personally Gave In To The Scam

The difference is that IT WAS NOT ONLY something that was done to you, IT WAS something you participated in doing to yourself also. We are not blaming you, just stating the obvious fact – you had a role in allowing the scam to begin.

So You Hate Your Scammers And All Scammers

The problem is that if you cannot forgive your scammer – it is mainly because you have not forgiven yourself.

When are you going to do that? When are you going to forgive yourself for what the scammers did to you?

It is something you must do. To recover emotionally, psychologically, you must forgive yourself – for real, really mean it.

It Is For Your Benefit, Not Ours

Right now you are probably filled with hate, and anger, and loathing for your scammer and everything they represent. But that hate will consume you if you don’t control it, channel it, and eventually retire it.

It is normal to be angry and even to hate what was done to you, but it is really not about the scammer, it is about you.

Don’t do it if you can’t or if it is insincere. Don’t forgive someone or something just to say you did it.

EVERYONE who is a scam victim needs to be focused on their recovery and a sense of common community. Recovery is your most important goal after you are scammed. The money is gone, the relationship was never real but the feelings left behind are only too real. And they need to be dealt with.

If you really still hate then you need to take that out, hold it in your hand and ask yourself:

“What Do I Really Want Now?”

Do you want to recover and move on with your life, hard though that may be, or are you frozen and only live for your hate?

This Is A Very Serious Question!

Only YOU know the answer!

But each of you should be honest with yourself and your loved ones about this. Yes, your loved ones too because your scam did not only affect you alone. Scams take a huge toll on families and friends.

This is a chance for you to look at yourself seriously on this question and make decisions. Maybe it is too early. If your scam ended less than a month ago, you are not yet at a place where you can probably think in these terms yet, but as time passes it provides you with more perspective and the pain dulls.

But don’t do it if you do not really feel it. If you are still very angry at the scammer and yourself, you are not ready for recovery. Just understand that you can not be a Survivor until you release your hate, and begin to forgive yourself.

So what will it be? Will you accept the challenge?

Will You Forgive Yourself For Real?

Understand that we ALL understand what it is like, and the universe gives you permission to forgive yourself.

At least think about this?

If You Want Help To Recover:

We offer many different Scam Victim related Recovery and Support Groups. SCARS is a registered Online Crime Victims Assistance & Support Organization (you can see that in our header). We have groups for many different needs and situations. We invite you to join one of our groups online (on Facebook) to become part of a community of Survivors.

Our Groups allow only the people indicated into each group and we make sure there are no inappropriate people as well (such as scammers). They are secure places where no one will judge you because they are communities of people like you – they know what it feels like.

  • Each Support Group is private and confidential to just that group and our team (our employees and volunteers)
  • Each group is its own community of fellow survivors providing support to each other
  • Each group is governed by the SCARS Code of Conduct, the NOVA Standard for Crime Victims Assistance, and our own policies to keep you safe
  • Each group is very international so you can compare experiences with others from around the world, and it also means someone is available around the clock
  • We offer groups in English, Spanish, and Portuguese ourselves, but other SCARS Members offer them in many other languages as well throughout Europe and Asia
  • If you are not ready for a sup