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Scam Victim’s Learning Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

Scam Victim's Learning Process [INFOGRAPHICInfographic Infographics (a shortened word of "information" and "graphics") are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve your understanding of a topic by utilizing graphics. Infographics have evolved in recent years to be more useful for mass communications and thus are designed with fewer assumptions about the readers' knowledge base than other types of visualizations.] After Someone Is Scammed, They Realize Their Ignorance, And They Should Never Stop Committing To The Learning Process Scam Victim Psychology - A SCARS Insight The Learning Process: How Scam Victims Learn Before & After Their Scam Ends. Here We [...]

Miss P. – A Scam Victim Story

A Scam Victim Story The Story of Miss. P Scam Victim Support - A SCARS Insight A Romance Scam Victim's Story About Miss P. We just received a message from one of our SCARS support & recovery group members. It was her scam victim story [...]

A Scam Victim That Does Not Report Can Be Arrested

A Scam Victim That Does Not Report Can Be Arrested U.S. Department of Justice Convicts A Scam Victim Scam Victim Crimes - A SCARS Special Report In A Landmark Case Against A Scam Victim, They Have Obtained A Conviction! As We Have Predicted For Several [...]

7 Deadly Sins of Post Scam Victim Vulnerability

7 Deadly Sins of Post Scam Victim Vulnerability Helping Scam Victims Remain Safe & Avoid Being Scammed Again Scam Victim Recovery Psychology - A SCARS Insight Why Does A Scam Victim Become More Vulnerable After A Scam Than Before? Why does a scam victim become [...]

Scam Victim Self-Hatred And Self-Loathing

Scam Victim Self-Hatred And Self-Loathing Recovering From Scams Is A Process Recovery Psychology - A SCARS Insight Why Do Some Scam Victims Hate Themselves? Self-Hatred Is Common After A Relationship ScamRelationship Scam A Relationship Scam is a one-to-one criminal act that involves a trust relationship and uses deception & manipulation to get a victim to give to the criminal something of value, such as money! Click here to learn more: What Is A Relationship Scam? It is common for people who have been scammed to feel a range of [...]

What Every Scam Victim Needs To Understand

What Every Scam Victim Needs To Understand The Basics For New Victims Scam Victim Recovery - A SCARS Insight 25 Things Every Scam Victim Needs To Understand 💔❤️‍🩹❤️  What is important for every scam victim to understand at the very beginning after the scam ends? [...]

Blanca Arellano – A Murdered Scam Victim’s Story

Blanca Arellano - A Scam Victim's Story Murdered For Her Organs In Peru Online Romance Turned Deadly A Scam Warning - A SCARS Insight A Mexican Woman Flew 3,000 Miles To Meet Online "Boyfriend" Before Being Murdered For Her Organs A Truly Terrible Story About [...]

SCARS MOST WANTED CRIMINAL: Jayden Michael Chidozi, Enugu, Nigeria

SCARS MOST WANTED CRIMINAL Jayden Michael Chidozi Enugu, Nigeria Wanted: Jayden Michael Chidozi – approx. 25-30 years of age, operating in Enugu, Nigeria He is wanted for criminal fraud, kidnapping, and capital murder of victim Diane K. Webb, a 70-year-old woman, from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, [...]

Scam Victim Panic Attacks

Scam Victim Panic Attacks Helping Scam Victims Through Their Recovery Recovery Psychology - A SCARS Insight How Scam Victims Can Deal With Fear And Panic Attacks This article is addressed to new victims mostly. New victims, in the first couple of months after the scam [...]

SCARS Webinar: Panic & Urgency Scams – May 21, 2022 [VIDEO]

Panic & Urgency Scams [VIDEO] SCARS Webinar May 21, 2022 In this edition of our SCARS Webinar Series, we talk about short-term scams where the scammers place the victim in panic and create a sense of urgency!. These scams are typically about some form of emergency or urgent situation [...]

New Scam Victim’s Financial Survival

New Scam Victim's Financial Survival A Guide for recent Scam Victims on managing their finances after a scam This is not intended to replace professional financial advice. Please see a licensed financial professional before acting on any financial decisions. A SCARS Guide After Your Scam, [...]

What Is The Difference Between A Scam Victim And A Scam Survivor? [Updated]

What Is The Difference? Between A Scam Victim And A Scam SurvivorSurvivor A Scam Survivor is a victim who has been able to fully accept the reality of their situation. That they were the victim of a crime and are not to blame. They are working on their emotional recovery and reduction of any trauma either on their own, through a qualified support organization, or through counseling or therapy. And has done their duty and reported the crime to their local police, national police, and on A SCARS Insight Are You A Victim Or A Scam Survivor? An Exploration Of Mindsets As an organization, we have had the opportunity to observe the victims of scams for many years. We [...]

A Victim’s Story – Boyati Miskun – A SCARS Memorial

A Victim's Story - Boyati Miskun Remembering The Tragic Story Of Boyati Miskun SCARS™ Memorial Updated: Originally Published in 2016 Rest In Peace Boyati Boyati was a domestic worker from Indonesia living and working for a family in Hong Kong. Alone and vulnerable in an [...]

The Strange Case Of Scam Victim Information Avoidance

The Strange Case Of Scam Victim Information Avoidance Scam Victimology & Victim Recovery A SCARS Insight The Biggest Mistake Scam Victims Make Is Believing They Are Done With Scams! Scams are Always There Waiting for that Next Mistake! One of the strangest, yet [...]

Breaking News: Scam Victim Turned Into Money Mule Arrested In West Virginia

Breaking News: Scam Victim Turned Into Money MuleMoney Mule A money mule sometimes called a "smurfer," is a person who transfers money acquired illegally (e.g., stolen) in person, through a courier service, or electronically, on behalf of others (usually criminals that they are knowingly or unknowingly affiliated). Typically, the mule is paid for services with a small part of the money transferred - but not always. Mules may or may not be aware that they are performing these actions. Money mules are often dupes recruited online for what they think is legitimate employment, not aware that the money they are transferring is the product of crime. The money is transferred from the mule's account to the scam operator, typically in another country. Similar techniques are used to transfer illegal merchandise. Mules can be prosecuted for numerous crimes. Arrested In West Virginia Huntington Woman Indicted as Part of International Nigerian Fraud Scheme for Laundering Funds This Elderly Scam Victim Being Made An Example By Prosecutors To Deter Others From Becoming Mules As we have reported before, the U.S. Government is [...]

Helping Friends & Family Better Understand Romance Scams

Helping Friends & Family Better Understand Romance Scams Free Guide by the Society of Citizens Against Relationship ScamsSCARS SCARS - Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. A government registered crime victims' assistance & crime prevention nonprofit organization based in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. SCARS supports the victims of scams worldwide and through its partners in more than 60 countries around the world. Incorporated in 2015, its team has 30 years of continuous experience educating and supporting scam victims. Visit to learn more about SCARS. [SCARS] This Guide is intended for Family and Friends of someone that was involved in a Romance Scam Also available on here » Introduction This is presented in the hope that [...]

Scambaiting – The Great Lie! [UPDATED]

ScambaitingScam Baiting A foolish activity where a victim or nonvictim engages in deception and fraud to lead on a scammer into revealing information or for the sport of it. Deliberate deception online, regardless of the reason, is both unethical and in many places may also be illegal. While not prosecuted, Scambaiting has no legitimate benefit and should never be performed by victims since it is an act of revenge and only amplifies trauma. It is a reprehensible practice that is popularized by amateur anti-scam groups driven by their hate for fraudsters. Learn more: SCARS Position Statement Against Scambaiting - Does Nothing To Stop Scamming A SCARS Special Report Scam Baiters would have you believe that wasting a scammer's time is valuable - it is not All you are doing is teaching them to be better scammers! This is part of an extremist view that deception is [...]

SCARS™ Insight: Good vs. Bad While Recovering

SCARS™ Insight: Good vs. Bad While Recovering After The Scam, Many Victims Choose To Recover - Sadly, Most Do Not! Only about 30% of victims will choose to recover from the scam emotionally, the remaining victims will either hide in their denialDenial Denial is a refusal or unwillingness to accept something or to accept reality. Refusal to admit the truth or reality of something, refusal to acknowledge something unpleasant; And as a term of Psychology: denial is a defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality. or allow anger to run their lives. Even [...]

SCARS™ Recovery:  Do You Believe In Prophecies?

SCARS™ Recovery:  Do You Believe In Prophecies? For most scam victims, from the moment when the scam ends is uncharted territory. We have turned to our own Oracles to lay down our prophecies for Scam Victims just like you! The Past Prophecies: You could not have prevented it - you were [...]

SCARS Printed Books For Every Scam Survivor From SCARS Publishing


Each is based on our SCARS Team’s 32 plus years of experience.

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SCARS GREN BOOK - The SCARS STEPS Guide to Scam Victim Recovery

Self-Help Self-Paced Recovery Program Guide


This program is designed to help scam victims struggling to recover on their own and for those who want to understand the overall process. You can be using other resources, such as trauma counselingCounseling Counseling is the professional guidance of the individual by utilizing psychological methods especially in collecting case history data, using various techniques of the personal interview, and testing interests and aptitudes. A mental health counselor (MHC), or counselor, is a person who works with individuals and groups to promote optimum mental and emotional health. Such persons may help individuals deal with issues associated with addiction and substance abuse; family, parenting, and marital problems; stress management; self-esteem; and aging. They may also work with "Social Workers", "Psychiatrists", and "Psychologists". SCARS does not provide mental health counseling. or therapy, qualified support groups, or completely independent – on your own!

The SCARS Steps program is a complete program and is provided for the purpose of helping scam victims to overcome this experience. Throughout this SCARS Steps Program, we speak about issues and challenges that a victim may have and help guide them through their recovery. But each person is different and it is important to understand your own reasons for being vulnerable to being scammed.

After the trauma of being scammed, you need to take steps to recover and move on. This may be an alternative to counseling in the short term, but we still encourage you to seek out professional help & support. Throughout this SCARS Steps Program, we speak about issues, challenges, defects, or problems that a victim may have in a generalized way.

The SCARS GREEN BOOK will help you recover from your scam offline and it will always be there when you need it!

Get it here

SCARS SLATE BOOK - A Guide For Families & Friends Of Scam Victims

SCARS SLATE BOOK – Let Us Explain What Happened!

A Guide For Families & Friends Of Scam Victims


This SCARS Publishing book represents a complete guide to help the families and friends understand how these scams work and how to help the victim.

The SCARS Slate Book should be purchased by family and friends to better understand what happened to the victim and the traumatic impact on them. But it can also be shared by the victim so that they do not have to explain to family and friends about the scam. This publication is to help others to help Scam Victims to make it through this traumatic experience and recover.

Each person is different and it is important to understand how relationship scams work and why people are vulnerable; to being scammed, how they were lured in, then groomed and manipulated. This understanding is essential in helping them through the process of ending the scam and then on to recovery. The SCARS Slate Book will provide the information necessary to help support a victim through this process.

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SCARS RED BOOK - Your Personal Scam Evidence & Crime Record Organizer

Your Personal Scam Evidence & Crime Record Organizer


Helps you get and stay organized. This publication is to help Scam Victims organize their crime information. Complete this information before reporting to the police then bring this book with you

Before or after reporting to the police the RED BOOK gives you a dedicated tool to record all the essential facts of this crime. The Victim, the Scammers, the Money, and your Police interactions. Everything that really matters can be easily recorded for your immediate use and for the future!

As we have seen, money recovery/repayment programs can become available years after the scam ends and you need to keep all the details of this crime in case it is needed. We have also seen scammers being extradited to the U.S. and other countries, this will help in the event you testify or give statements, Additionally, this helps you have your information ready to qualify for victims’ benefits, compensation, or aid.

The Official SCARS RED BOOK is your way of recording all the important facts of this crime so that you do not lose essential information, Complete the RED BOOK then put it away with the confidence that you will have it if or when it is needed.

Get it here

SCARS BLUE BOOK - Survivor's Recovery Journal
SCARS LIME BOOK - Wisdom & Motivation for Scam Victims
SCARS CHERRY BOOK - A Guide To Understanding Your Fear
SCARS WORKBOOK - 8 Steps To Improvement
SCARS WORKBOOK - Understanding Self-Blame, Guilt, and Shame
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