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Emotional Danger After The Scam – SCARS|RSN™ Psychology of Scams

SCARS|RSN™ Psychology of Scams: Emotional Danger After The Scam When You Discover You Have Been Scammed Your Mind Goes Into Shock And You Seek Ways To Hold Onto Your Reality - Fake Or Not! Transference Can Easily Become Delusional Right After A Scam You Just Discovered You Were Scammed ... You fell for a fake face You fell for a fake name You fell for a fake story You can't believe it, it must not [...]

Female Face Fixation Syndrome – SCARS|RSN™ Insight

SCARS|RSN™ Insight: Female Face Fixation Syndrome Why Men Have The Hardest Time Accepting The Truth When They Are Romance Scammed   Long ago we observed that men especially seem to have the hardest time accepting the simple truth that they were scammed, and that it was by a team of scammers using stolen photos. They steadfastly grasp onto the mistaken notion that it is the young woman in the photos that scammed then  [...]

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