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SCARS™ Scam & Scamming News: Bunbury Australia Grandmother Jailed Over ‘Lover’ Scam

SCARS™ Scam & Scamming News: Real Bunbury Australia Grandmother Jailed Over ‘Lover’ Scam Are We Beginning To See Scammers Training Mules To Be Scammers? IS THIS HER FACEBOOK PROFILE? Deborah Maree Taylor tricked a German man into thinking she was a US Army sergeant who needed more than $12,000 before she could take her “forever leave” to be with him. What that man did not know, was that Taylor was a grandmother, living [...]

Knowledge – SCARS™

SCARS™ Insight: You Can Still Be Scammed! Over And Over! You Say You Can't Be Scammed Again? Wanna Bet? For decades we have been warning about scams of one nature or another, but what most scams have in common is Social Engineering! For Most Of You Who Have Been Romance Scammed You Sware It Will Never Happen Again, Right? WANT TO BET? It takes more than wishful thinking to stop yourself from being [...]

Victim’s Stories: A Tale Of Warning From A Scam Victim

Victim's Stories: A Tale Of Warning From A Scam Victim Once A Scammer Always A Scammer We Have Learned! The following was posted as a comment on our website about never trusting scammers, even if they do pay you back! We wanted to share it for everyone's benefit! A Tale Of Bank Fraud By Dwight D. [this was in response to another comment] This same thing has happened to me, a girl name Maria Lucki, [...]

Call It What It Is! – SCARS™ Editorial

SCARS™ Editorial: Call It What It Is! Abusing Words Abuses Victims Unintentionally! Over the years helping victims of real scams, we constantly see people (including victims) throwing around the term SCAM and SCAMMING for the most inaccurate purposes. Not everything you don't like is a scam. As "Scam Victims" you especially have to be careful about using the word "scammed." This is something very specific, just like rape. Yes, there is a multitude of scams [...]