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Cell Phone Scam – SCARS|RSN™ SCAM NEWS

SCARS|RSN™ SCAM NEWS: Cell Phone Scam Fifth Defendant Sentenced to Prison for Sophisticated International Cellphone Fraud Scheme A former West Palm Beach, Florida resident who was extradited to the United States from the Dominican Republic was sentenced to 65 months in prison today for multiple criminal charges in connection with a sophisticated global cell phone fraud scheme that involved compromising cellphone customers’ accounts and “cloning” their phones to make fraudulent international calls. U.S. Attorney Ariana [...]

RSN™ Scam News: 80-Year-Old American Woman In Trouble After Helping Nigerian Lover

RSN™ Scam News: 80-Year-Old American Woman In Trouble After Helping Nigerian Lover A Grand Traverse County Couple Almost Lost $4,300 In A Scam That Stretches From Toronto And Michigan To Florida And Nigeria. 80-Year-Old American Woman Acted As A Mule And Is In Trouble After Helping Nigerian Lover To Scam U.S. Company An 80-year-old American woman identified as Sylvia Williams has been arrested for allegedly conspiring with her Nigerian lover to scam a company. A Florida [...]

REAL SCAMMER PROFILE: Narh Tayne (Doreen) – Pretty Narth – [email protected]

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SCAMMER: Pretty Narth [email protected] Forward Ever From Ghana From Sebring Florida (Or So She Says) This Ghanaian Dating Website Scammer Is: Narth – Narh TaynePhotos use the name “Doreen”[email protected], Florida / Accra, Ghana   […]

SCAMMER PROFILE: Caroline aka Gifty Clotter [email protected] Miami/Ghana

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Caroline Gifty – [email protected] 1 Miami – Ghana Another Scammer Named: Gifty Major Red Flag – Find A “Gifty” – RUN! No impudence, cynicism, unfairness, greediness here! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Caroline aka Gifty [email protected]/GhanaNursing Student in Ghana (her mother’s country)   […]

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Nigerian Scammers Setting Up Fake Businesses

Fake Online Businesses To Support Scams In a recent scammer profile for Linda Elloy, we profiled her (his?) various online profiles. One of those profiles was a Manta local business profile for this person. This was/is a fake business setup for the purpose of reinforcing her fake identity. Take great care when you research scammers because of this.  They know they need to create back-up data, references, and even businesses to be convincing. Here is [...]

SCAMMER: Linda Elloy [email protected] Nigerian in Hollywood Florida

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  Linda Elloy – [email protected] – Hollywood, Florida – Nigerian Scammer Nigerians Are The Best! They can be so convincing! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Linda Elloy (a.k.a. Linda KKL)[email protected]: January 30 1977 (37 years old)   [on other sites she says it is 12-Apr-1977]2854 STIRLING ROAD , [...]

SCAMMER: A Badoo.com Scammer From California Kentucky

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Sarah Crawford [email protected] – Badoo.com Scammer Another Badoo Scumbag Happy Cinco de Mayo From California, Kentucky No Less! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Sarah Crawford [email protected]   [Washington D.C. phone number]California, Kentucky or Miami Beach, Florida […]

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SCAMMER: Anna or Analyn Marcial or bryant [email protected] [email protected] JACKSONVILLE, FL

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Curious One This One This was reported to us by the scammer himself! So he ended up giving us both his old and new email address.  Not sure why?  Might be a sympathy play “Look someone is using my name, I’m not the scammer”.  Not sure, but we are publishing it [...]

SCAMMER: Angelina (angelinacool) Native American “Catch me if you Can” Pensacola, FL

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SCAMMER: Angelina (angelinacool) Native American “Catch me if you Can” Pensacola, FL “Catch me if you Can” She Says! Ok, we caught her! This Scammer Is: Angelina (angelinacool) Native AmericanPensacola, FL […]

REPEAT SCAMMER: Alexis Smith (alexissmith0) Clearwater, FL [email protected]

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REPEAT SCAMMER: Alexis Smith (alexissmith0) Clearwater, FL [email protected] Always Google Their Info! This one showed up under a man’s name, but with the same photos! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Current Identity Alexis Smith [email protected], FL Previous Identity Avery [email protected] Known As:  Lola Campbell, Clara Mills [...]

SCAMMER: Cristal, 38 – Miami, FL (Nigerian)

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Cristal, 38 – Miami, FL (Nigerian) Another Badoo Scammer This one speaks Nigerian (see below) This Romance Website Scammer Is: Cristal, 38 – Miami, FL (speaks Nigerian) […]

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SCAMMER: Mabel [email protected]

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Mabel [email protected] – photo stolen from a real person who is Asian Getting To Be Better Writers Recently the Ghanans have been improving their writing tremendously. This Romance Website Scammer Is: Mabel [email protected] […]

Scammer: Pamela Lewis [email protected] 919-701-9296

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Scammers Bore Me! Pamela [email protected] 919-701-9296 – photo stolen It’s getting so easy to spot the Ghanans that it’s not even fun any more! The Nigerians on the other hand make the hunt worthwhile! This boring Scammer is: Pamela Lewis Miami, Florida [email protected] 919-701-9296  {feel free to [...]

Scammer: Carol Owens (614-594-8643) [email protected] [email protected]

How Boring They Get! Remember Our Rules! This One Is: Carol Owens (614-594-8643) [email protected] [email protected]   And Her First Opening Message is: Hello, How are you doing? My name is Carol Owens from Miami  Florida,Am 34 years old, single never married with no kid ... Am  new to this online dating and I am here looking for honest, caring and open-minded man with a long term relationship, I would like to know you better. Can [...]

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