Cell Phone Scam

One Ring Call Phone Scam – Scam Basics

One Ring Call Phone Scam SCARS Scam Basics The Mysterious One Ring Call Phone Scam Why Would Anyone Do This? One Ring Call Phone Scam - Your phone rings once and the call stops. If you answer all you hear is silence! You are tempted to call them back, but don't do it! The criminal (human or automation) on the other end hopes you [...]

Cell Phone Scam – SCARS™ SCAM NEWS

SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: Cell Phone Scam Fifth Defendant Sentenced to Prison for Sophisticated International Cellphone Fraud Scheme A former West Palm Beach, Florida resident who was extradited to the United States from the Dominican Republic was sentenced to 65 months in prison today for multiple criminal charges in connection with a sophisticated global cell phone fraud scheme that involved compromising cellphone customers’ accounts and “cloning” their phones to make fraudulent international calls. U.S. Attorney Ariana [...]