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Guilt vs. Shame – Understanding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Guilt vs. Shame - Understanding Shame has long been viewed as “the toxic cousin of guilt,” but it has benefited us over evolution. Shame and guilt are functionally designed to protect us against harming those who are dear to us and to make us behave better in the future Understanding The Mechanisms of Guilt & Shame Guilt And Shame Are Among The Most Painful Human Emotions No one [...]

Coping Strategies for Scam Victim Trauma Survivors

Coping Strategies for Scam Victim Trauma Survivors Trauma Is Deeply Rooted and Can Negatively Affect The Lives Of Scam Victims PTSD is a psychological disorder that is brought on by the experience of a traumatic event. Most commonly, war veterans experience this, but it can also come on as a result of any traumatic event. Some other instances that may cause this are natural disasters or the death of a loved one. Romance scam victims [...]