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How The World Changed For Scam Victims With The Pandemic Effect

How The World Changed With The Pandemic For Scam Victims It Was A Total Change! A SCARS Commentary Here We Are, A Year & A Half Since The Pandemic Started ... Everyone Seems So Different Now! Apart from the obvious impacts from COVID-19 itself, the shutdowns and constant fear have had a significant and lasting impact on us all. But for scam victims, it seems it is especially [...]

Coping Strategies for Scam Victim Trauma Survivors

Coping Strategies for Scam Victim Trauma Survivors Trauma Is Deeply Rooted and Can Negatively Affect The Lives Of Scam Victims PTSD is a psychological disorder that is brought on by the experience of a traumatic event. Most commonly, war veterans experience this, but it can also come on as a result of any traumatic event. Some other instances that may cause this are natural disasters or the death of a loved one. Romance scam victims [...]