Lost Pet Scam – Going For Your Heart

Lost Pet Scam - Going For Your Heart Owners Of Pets Who Post About Their Lost Pets Are Being Scammed A SCARS Special Report New scam targets owners of lost pets THIS IS AN IDENTITY THEFT & IMPERSONATION ATTACK What To Watch Out For: A new scam is targeting owners of lost pets. The scammers text the lost pet’s owner claiming they have the dog or cat but [...]

SCARS™ Advocacy: President Donald Trump’s Executive Orders Relating To Cybercrime

SCARS™ Advocacy: President Donald Trump's Executive Orders Relating To Cybercrime We Applaud President Donald Trump For His Commitment To Strengthening Internet Safety And Critical Online Infrastructure. 2017-Present Here is a list of President Trump's Executive Orders that matter to us: EO 13873: Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain EO 13870: America's Cybersecurity Workforce EO 13865: Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses EO 13863: Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency [...]