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Official FTC IRS Imposter Scams [Infographic] – SCARS|RSN™ Insight

SCARS|RSN™ Insight: Official FTC IRS Imposter Scams [Infographic]   Official FTC IRS Imposter Scams Infographic SCARS #ActAgainstScams Campaign     SCARS|RSN™ Team A SCARS Division Miami Florida U.S.A.   TAGS: Federal Trade Commission, FTC, Internal Revenue Service, United States Government, IRS, Phone Scams, IRS Scam, Gift Card Scam, iTunes Scam, Tax Scam, Infographic, #ActAgainstScams, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - END - - - - - - - [...]

Deducting Scams Form Your U.S. Income Tax – SCARS|RSN™ Guide

SCARS|RSN™ Guide: Deducting Scams Form Your U.S. Income Tax The following is not intended as Tax Advice and is provided for educational purposes only. Consult a professional tax preparer or tax attorney for all legal or professional advice about your taxes. 2018 UPDATE - PLEASE NOTE - Per the IRS: For tax years 2018 through 2025, the Act has suspended the itemized deduction for personal casualty and theft losses. Prior to this change in the [...]

RSN™ Special Report: CBC Canada Investigation Into Tax Phone Scams [Videos]

RSN™ Special Report: CBC Canada Investigation Into Tax Phone Scams [Videos] Scam Centers In India CBC Marketplace tracks the scammers behind one of the biggest cyber-crime schemes in Canadian history  - those fake CRA phone calls.  Tens of thousands of Canadians scammed out of hundreds of millions of dollars.   So, who’s really behind the scheme?  David Common travels to India to catch the fraudsters. We track down two illegal call centers and find out the [...]


REPORTING INCOME TAX FRAUD A new way to report tax identity theft identity theft is hard enough. That’s why we keep working to make recovering from it easier. It’s also why we’re happy to let you know about an innovative project by the FTC and IRS that lets people report tax-related identity theft to the IRS online, using the FTC’s website to file IRS Form 14039. Tax-related identity theft happens when someone uses your [...]

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