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A German Romance Scams Victim Speaks – SCARS|RSN™ A Victim’s Story

SCARS|RSN™ Victim's Story: A German Romance Scams Victim Speaks From the Ghanaian blog: It All Started When The German Woman (Name Withheld) Met The Ghanaian Man (Scammer) Of Her Dreams On A Singles Dating Platform The two apparently clicked because according to the German victim, it was not long before the Ghanaian started speaking of love. While the online affair was still brewing, the Ghanaian man asked if he could get financial help because his [...]

Remembering Boyati Miskun – SCARS|RSN™ In Memoriam

SCARS|RSN™ In Memoriam: Boyati Miskun Indonesian Worker Kills Self After Internet Lover Scammed Her From Our Archive: August 2015 Instead Of Finding Her Soulmate Online, She Lost $49,000 And Eventually Her Life. Indonesian domestic worker Boyati Miskun was found dead on July 22, hanging on the stairway in her employer’s building in Ngau Tau Kok. But months before, she had sought help from the Indonesian consulate and Helpers for Domestic Helpers (HDH) because Internet scammers from [...]

RSN™ SCAM NEWS: Woman sent $51K to online boyfriend

RSN™ SCAM NEWS: Woman sent $51K to online boyfriend A woman who gave thousands of dollars to her online love interest now thinks she may have been scammed. The relationship lasted five months and cost the woman $51,000. The 55-year-old Shelby woman was about to cash in her 401K, quit her job and move to be with the man when her coworkers talked her out of it. Click On The Title In The Content Box Below [...]

Scam Survivor

SCARS' Scam Survivor's Medal Are You A Scam Survivor? For All of You Who are Scam Victims You are Truly a Survivor and a Hero! We Salute You! We present to each of you the SCARS Survivor's Medal in recognition of your achievement and to remind you that you are a survivor! You stopped your scammer and opened your eyes. You turned away from the scam and found the support of other victims. [...]

RSN™ Psychology Of Scams: Stop Thinking

Stop Thinking And Just Let Things Happen This is a bit of a conflict. You need your brain in gear when dealing with scammers, but you need to stop overthinking about what happened. Rely more on instincts. If you are honest with yourself, your instincts probably told you something was wrong with the scammer long before you let yourself accept it because you were overthinking - meaning your thought processes could not accept what your [...]

Romance Scam Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights

SCARS Is Developing a Romance Scam Crime Victim's Bill of Rights We would like your opinions on what should be included in this Bill of Rights for Scam Victims Here are the key points for this set of rights. Victims have the right to: Be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim's dignity and privacy. Be helped to prepare their report of the scam in a way that can be useful and proper [...]

RSN™ Guide: To Being A Victim

The RSN Guide To Being A Victim This Is One Of Those Things That No One Will Tell You To Your Face! Every day we are contacted by hundreds of victims - sometimes more than a thousand. We deal with people during one of the worst times in their lives. They have been violated and abused, and now they need help. We get it. We know - because our team have been victims too. We [...]

RSN Steps™ – Scam Victim Free Self-Help Recovery Program

The RSN Steps™ - Scam Victim Free Self-Help Recovery Program Copyright © 2016-2018 Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams Inc. A Free 8 Step Program For Self-Help Recovery From Online Fraud The SCARS™ / Romance Scams Now™ Road Map To Self-Recovery For Scam Victims. Note: This is not a medically approved program, but an emotional support program intended for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the end. This program was designed by the [...]

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