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Pro-Daters – SCARS™ Scam Basics

SCARS™ Scam Basics: Pro-Daters What Is A Pro-Dater? This is a special type of scam. It is quite different from other types of Romance Scams for several reasons. These are real people - the women and men are real and will want to meet in person Most of the time they use their real names and real information They usually don’t ask money over the Internet BEFORE meeting, but might continue milking you AFTER meeting [...]

A German Romance Scams Victim Speaks – SCARS™ A Victim’s Story

SCARS™ Victim's Story: A German Romance Scams Victim Speaks From the Ghanaian blog: It All Started When The German Woman (Name Withheld) Met The Ghanaian Man (Scammer) Of Her Dreams On A Singles Dating Platform The two apparently clicked because according to the German victim, it was not long before the Ghanaian started speaking of love. While the online affair was still brewing, the Ghanaian man asked if he could get financial help because his [...]

When Real People Scam!

When Real People Scam! A SCARS Special Report Real People Engage In Relationship Scams Too! Examples Of Texts And Photos Woman Used To Scam A Man On An Online Game It is important for everyone online looking for love to understand! But both men and women lie to prospective partners all the time! Real People Engage In Relationship Scams Too! Men and women lie to potential dates online [...]

SCARS™ Scammer List: Russian & Ukrainian Romance Scammers 2018

SCARS™ Scammer List: Russian & Ukrainian Romance Scammers 2018 The following are the names as reported and recorded of Russian & Ukrainian romance, dating, or marriage scammers. We recommend that you use this list as a guide only and that anyone contemplating a relationship with a Ukrainian or Russian woman do a full background check before making a commitment. Always hope for the best but assume the worst until proven otherwise. Russian & Ukrainian Romance [...]

RSN™ Guide: Real Scammers

RSN™ Guide: Real Scammers How Can You Judge If A Real Person In Africa Is A Scammer? When you see a real person’s profile, who is from Africa, how can you tell they are a scammer? Will they have “Scammer” written across their forehead? Sometimes It Is Easy You see photos of their loot (money) and see posts they have written about scamming. They claim they are “Yahoo” or “Sakawa,” or are even part of [...]