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It’s Ironic

Scammers Use Words Like Honesty Constantly

It’s such a red flag when someone says they are honest!
Here’s a gallery of Honest Scammers!


Here’s a big gallery of “Honest” Scammers:

Many of these are actual real-African-scammers being forced to prove they are real and honest!  What idiots – them and us!


'>Thsi is a scam
Sign PhotoProof of Life Proof of Life Photos or Sign Photos are photos that scammers use to prove they are real. These are typically photoshopped photos to add some text or information to a previously stolen photo of the individual being used for the scam. The idea is that a victim requests proof with a photo showing a newspaper or some phrases and the scammer would then take it and share it with the victim. But as always, it is just more deception.