Editorial: Should You Try To Find Out The Real Name For Your Scammer?

That is the question: Is it better know the real name for your scammer?

This is a serious question for most victims.

You want revenge. You want justice.

How can you get that without knowing who to accuse, right?


First off, you were probably not scammed by just one person. Scammers work in teams, and they take shifts.  Someone is always on “duty” whenever the victim is available. You could have been scammed by as many as 5 or 6 people using a single fake identity.

Second, in most cases, if you sent money, the money went to a pick-up person and not the actual scammers. Most scammer cartels or even smaller gangs have their embedded members actually working for the Western Union or Moneygram agencies for this purpose. After all, it is the money transfer agency on the receiving end that verifies the identity of the pickup person, but who verified the agency employee?

You have to get this notion that there will be justice out of your head.

You were scammed, and that is all that matters. The odds are the scammers will not be arrested or even identified.

We are not happy about the situation, but we are realistic enough to know what it is. We will change it, but we have to acknowledge how the world really works.

If you get a mosquito bite you will probably never know which mosquito bit you. So what do you want to do? Do you chase around the neighborhood looking for that one mosquito, or do you care for the bite? Same is true here too!

There Is No Justice With Scams

There is only a hand full of arrests each year. This is year has seen a record number of arrests – approaching 4,000 – but it is still a small amount compared to the total number of active scammers.

There is only you left behind to pick up the pieces of your life.

We are here to help you in any way we can. But you have to be the one to get out the glue and mend your broken life.

You Can Do This! You Can Survive This!

Each of us who has been a victim has done this. It is hard. It is slow. But you recover if you let yourself recover.

If you really want to get over this you will, but if you want to hang on to your anger that is what will happen too.

Just ask yourself what would make you happier?

For most of us, it is going forward and recovering.

Your need for revenge and “justice” is just helping the scammer wreck your life more than they already did.

Don’t let the scammer do any more damage, turn you back on the scammer after you report them.

Be Triumphant! Be A Survivor!

Live You Live And Recover!


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