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Victims Scamming Victims Warning

Victims Scamming Victims Warning We recently had to ban someone from our social media pages and groups who is indeed a real victim, but she was trying to obtain money from other victims. When she was caught doing this, she denied it but the evidence is very clear. She thought she would try to scam other victims into giving her money to make up for what she lost to her scammer. In effect, this was [...]

Editorial: Should You Try To Find Out The Real Name For Your Scammer?

Editorial: Should You Try To Find Out The Real Name For Your Scammer? That is the question: Is it better know the real name for your scammer? This is a serious question for most victims. You want revenge. You want justice. How can you get that without knowing who to accuse, right? WRONG First off, you were probably not scammed by just one person. Scammers work in teams, and they take shifts.  Someone is always on [...]

Editorial: What Are We To Do About Scams?

Editorial: What Are We To Do? For over 26 years the scammers were gaining ground. In fact, scams went up by at least 50% each and every year - in some years it doubled. Let's Be Very Clear We Are In A War Against Online Scams! Online scammers are able to operate with impunity throughout Africa, and in many other countries, without fear or prosecution.  This War Against Online Scams leaves a million casualties a [...]

RSN Editorial

ABOUT OUR SCAMMING SOCIETY We recently posted about a welfare abuse scam in New Orleans (see the newspaper clip or click here), but it is not just about that one scam, it is about all scams in reality. These kinds of scams were engineered to happen by people that cared only about their own vanity and vainglorious prestige. Just like the romance scams and other kinds of online fraud we see every second now. When [...]