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Scambaiting – The Great Lie! – SCARS|RSN™ Special Report

SCARS|RSN™ Special Report: Scambaiting - The Great Lie! Scambaiting Is The Use Of Deception By Vigilantes Thinking They Are Preventing Scams - It is Just Another Scam In this article, we will expose the great lie that is being sold to countless scam victims by individuals that self-justify their own online deception. A great lie that both interferes with active investigations and arrests, but more importantly does real harm to scam victims themselves. Here is [...]

RSN™ Special Report: Scambaiting – You are Only Hurting Yourself

RSN™ Special Report: Scambaiting - You are Only Hurting Yourself Continuing The Discussion On Scambaiting Scam Baiting is where a victim or other person engages in deception and in some cases actual online fraud lying to a scammer for "fun". The mistaken ideas are that it either wastes the scammer's time or causes them to go to extreme tasks because of the scam that is being pulled on them. Some wrongly believe that it is [...]

[SPANISH / EN ESPAÑOL] Scam Baiting (Jugando Con Estafadores) – No Es Buen Idea!

Scam Baiting (Jugando Con Estafadores) - No Es Buen Idea! Nuestra posición oficial: Estamos totalmente en desacuerdo con Scambaiting y no lo recomendamos. Esto se debe a que nuestros estudios han demostrado que Scam Baiting solo hace que los estafadores sean mejores en su trabajo. Cuanto más tiempo pasan con diferentes scemarios, mejor se vuelven. ¿Qué es el timo de estafa? El scam baiting (del inglés scam, «estafa», «timo» y baiting, «tentar», «tender una trampa») [...]

RSN™ Guide: Scam Baiting Is A Waste Of Time

Why Do People Scam Bait? Let's start with the basic problem. Victims want to regain control. When a person is scammed, especially a romance scam, they lose control. The scammer was in control and when the victim realizes this it is a profound shock. Every Victim Will Feel Betrayed & Powerless! Naturally, the victim wants to assert some control over their life and potentially over the scammers by taking action. Any action! This manifests itself [...]

Editorial: What Are We To Do About Scams?

Editorial: What Are We To Do? For over 26 years the scammers were gaining ground. In fact, scams went up by at least 50% each and every year - in some years it doubled. Let's Be Very Clear We Are In A War Against Online Scams! Online scammers are able to operate with impunity throughout Africa, and in many other countries, without fear or prosecution.  This War Against Online Scams leaves a million casualties a [...]

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